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Don Mathis Work

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by April Mathis, Jul 9, 2020.

  1. April Mathis

    April Mathis New Member

    My name is April Mathis. My grandfather was Don Mathis. I'm sure you all have heard of him. He was a famous taxidermist (Douglasville GA area 19/41 highway ). Passed away in 2000. I was a kid I lost contact with him due to my father being abusive. I was a teenager I found him again only to lose him two weeks later to a gun accident. I have memories of being in his shop. I've been looking for a piece of his work for years. I don't care what it is I just want a piece of him. It would mean the world to me. And maybe help with some closure. I don't even have a picture of him. Please someone on here help me. I am willing to pay. My number is 4782972146. Thanks.
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  2. Robert Baker

    Robert Baker Member

    Hey April,

    I did find reference to someone wanting to sell a fox mount back in 2011 that your grandfather did but the guy referencing it hasn't been on that forum in years.

    Have you tried the old ways of finding something like this? A lot of guys mark their pieces and I'm sure your grandfather was no exception. Yard sales? Cruise around on the weekends and see if anyone has any taxidermy pieces their trying to sell -- check the older ones for the mark. Estate Sales/Auctions? This is a big one. Look to see if there are any local estate auctioneers in your area. They often end up with entire households to sell off for a family after the loss of a loved one. I used to see taxidermy pieces there quite often.

    Just a few ideas. Best of luck finding one!

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  3. April Mathis

    April Mathis New Member

    Thank you.