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Tannery Problems

Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by Guiding Taxidermist, Jul 23, 2020.

  1. Guiding Taxidermist

    Guiding Taxidermist New Member

    Hey everyone I know this might seem like a strange first post but I hope you guys can give me some insight or suggestions. I've been doing taxidermy 10 years and have used this particular tannery for that long as well, I'm not going to throw them under the bus just in case this all gets resolved, if it doesn't I'll surely warn people of there business.

    Here is my issue, I sent of a pallet of hides for a dry tan order like I have in the past. Upon receiving the confirmation letter via email from the tannery I noticed it had a extra charge of $1134.00 for 40 day service. Hmmm I didn't ask for this so I looked over my copy of the shipping document to make sure I hadn't made a mistake, nope all good on my end. So I call the tannery the next morning as they were already closed for the day. The office manager told me that the order shipped had bugs in it you should of been notified of this, well I wasn't. She said that in this case they automatically put the order thru rush service. I looked all thru their website and paper work and could not find any such disclaimer. But she told me she would waive the charges, Hmm well that was strangely easy. So I said OK would you please send me a new confirmation letter to show the changes so I have a record and we're all on the same page. She said yes I'll send it out to your email. Well this has been 3 days now and no email. So I called the next day and she happened to be out of the office. I called again this morning at 9am talked with her again and told her I was doing a follow up on our previous conversation and I hadn't received an email yet. She tells me it was sent but she'll send it again. Well as I write this 4 hours later still no email and I've tried to contact them again and so far no answer.
    Now I get that bugs happen, but I asked her for documentation of all this to make sure it was my order. After I had the first conversation with her I went out and sifted about 150 pounds of salt to look for bugs and I came up empty except for some mouse poop in the salt. I stay on top of bug bombing my salt room, I do it once a month, especially if I have hides in the room.
    At this point it really feels to me like they are just trying to take advantage of me. I'm trying to get in touch and if they haven't started the rehydration process I'll have the order sent back so I can personally look at it and send to a different tannery as I can't get any answers or emails. If they started on the order then I'm afraid without any confirmation email of the changes her and I discussed they'll just hold my customers hides ransom until I pay the over charge. Where does a guy stand legally on issues like this? From now on I'm recording my conversations, if I every get through again. But will that even hold up? This is really frustrating as the additional $1100 dollars is my profit and then some on the order. I'm kind of at a loss here, what would any of you suggest???
  2. joeym

    joeym Old Murphey

    Continue to worry the Hell out of them until you get a confirmation email. If they don't answer your calls, call from someone else's phone. It's sad that you had this issue.

  3. Guiding Taxidermist

    Guiding Taxidermist New Member


    Yes sir that's what I did, called and emailed all afternoon left voicemails and finally got a response to my emails after telling them to halt any work on the order and contact me so I can have the order shipped back to me so I could send to a different tannery. I'm happy it's resolved but still frustrated that if it was received like they said why wasn't I contacted right away with documented photo's or just rejected and shipped back. Hopefully my post helps someone out if they ever run into problems, the other tanneries I use have always contacted me by phone and email with any problems to get my permission to continue or stop on any problems during the tanning process. I guess the older I get I prefer an open business relationship and honest communication, like we all should.
  4. countrycritter

    countrycritter Active Member

    Don't know where you're located but I recommend wildlife gallery been using for 12-13 years. Always easy to contact them and they always return calls every time and do what they say they will.
  5. D.Price

    D.Price Well-Known Member

    How far are you from the tannery? Go there in person if you can't get any where on the phone. Or find someone local and see if they will help you out with a trip down.