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Restoring Blackbuck Color?

Discussion in 'Deer and Gameheads' started by CaptnC, Aug 2, 2020.

  1. CaptnC

    CaptnC Member

    I had shot a Black buck 15 or so years ago and he has turned more brown than black.

    I had a small section of Aoudad hide from a small ewe I mounted last week. So I tested using women's hair die. I put it on an forgot about until the next day. The hair was black, but how long will last...doesn't very long for my wife! LOL Yeah i grabbed her bottle while she was doing her hair last weekend.

    What is the best thing to color animal hair like a Blackbuck after its faded?

    WLELTD Active Member

    the hair dye will work,dont think your dead blackbuck hair is still growing, dont leave it overnight though you need to blend the edges, so you will have to play with it

  3. CaptnC

    CaptnC Member

    If its a recommended way to do it I was thinking to actually follow the directions on the bottle. Which is not me, but I want him to look good.

    Said part I never finished the mount after I did it. So my "normal routine" has not been done yet. I have already done the bottom lip and inside the nose...have not done the eyes.

    Thanks for the tip...I will do a before and after once I get him done.