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Tanned Whitetail Capes

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by JEREMY BENNETT, Aug 11, 2020.

  1. Deer capes for sale!! Just got more back from the tannery and we need them gone. Lots of 20” and 21”. A handful of 23” left also. All these capes are GREAT looking capes. All wet tanned, short Y cut, short hair, med hair and winter hair. Don’t ask for tons of pictures unless your doing more than window shopping. These pictures are a good example of what the capes are. All are plenty long for ped too. Right now 19” (short hair only)are $165, 20” are $179, 21” are $200, 22” are $225 and 23” are $245. Call the studio at 740-385-3337 8:30-5 est. 6DA681AC-D495-416D-9123-0C5EA6228849.jpeg 09AF828B-2BE2-4922-A3D7-287C06CA9FD5.jpeg 6DA681AC-D495-416D-9123-0C5EA6228849.jpeg 6DA681AC-D495-416D-9123-0C5EA6228849.jpeg 09AF828B-2BE2-4922-A3D7-287C06CA9FD5.jpeg
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  3. hlh

    hlh Member

  4. hlh

    hlh Member

    If you still have any 23in I am in real need of one for sure and could use two.Had trouble with my tannery.Please let me know.Thanks Herb
  6. One for sure. Will know if the second is available by noon tomorrow. If no payment is received then it’s back up for sale.
  7. You will need to call the studio at 740-385-3337. Thanks
  8. Only about 15-18 capes left. Prices are lowered to move before the season starts again.
  9. Dennis Duffy

    Dennis Duffy Well-Known Member

    just got two from him. Awesome quality.
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  10. Would you happen to have any 18" capes? I am trying to replace a cape for a form I already have.
  11. Dewbz

    Dewbz New Member

    Do you have any september cape? 7x18 or somewhere close? Also, any more 23's?
  12. W
    We have 1 18” left
  13. No more 23” and one short hair 18”