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Assistance With Rust Markings

Discussion in 'Skulls and Skeletons' started by nama30, Aug 13, 2020.

  1. nama30

    nama30 New Member

    C856536D-CD24-420D-9B64-DCAC2CEE1A7E.jpeg 2AA14112-34CD-4C0A-96A6-7DC53DE7D910.jpeg 4624D3C0-0051-477E-98E3-5BFCEE0982B4.jpeg 7A201DC2-01F3-4772-BAD4-61F915D7F5B2.jpeg 2891806C-9DC2-4A6A-B70C-82C9A40C449E.jpeg 97862358-2B9A-4B20-A569-075A0C90CB63.jpeg AEC9B5E1-D9E7-476B-9BCB-0BE5CFEE07F3.jpeg

    Learned a hard lesson with this batch of skulls degreasing in a metal bucket that began to rust without me finding out until it was to late. These skulls sat in the rust stained water while degreasing. After they were pulled out and whitened, they still had a yellowish tinge to them. I tried using iron out with some success. I had would let the iron out soak on the yellow stains then mix it with
    hot water. That worked on one skull but these ones, the yellow won’t really dissipate. Skulls are for customers and hoping to get them back white and rust/iron free. Looking for any suggestions, advice, bone friendly rust dissolvers, or tips please. Is it possible for the skulls that have a light yellow faint to them, to whiten it once again with hydrogen peroxide?
  2. trapperrev

    trapperrev Member

    I recently asked a similar question. This link above is an old thread - the simple answer seems to be peroxide before iron out but not after. Using peroxide after iron out will undo the stain removal and the stain will appear again.
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  3. Sea Wolf

    Sea Wolf Well-Known Member

    Read that post above completely. You don't sprinkle Iron Out on the stains then rinse. Make up a 5 gallon bucket of a hot water solution of it and soak the skulls for several hours or more until the stains are faded as much as possible. Do not whiten again after.

    Try using the Search function on here. It takes a little experimenting to get it to work well but you could have typed in Iron Out, rust stains, iron stains and several other terms and come up with a lot of helpful information.
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