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(sold) Skulls, Pelts, Wet Specimen, Framed Specimens

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by Animal Kingdom Taxidermy, Aug 16, 2020.

  1. My friend up in New York needs some help selling some of their products. PM me or text me at +16624200487. Shipping price not included. Payment is via PayPal

    •Retriever Puppy Skull: SOLD
    •Female Black Bear Skull: SOLD
    •Wet Specimen Mouse: $20
    •Naturally Cleaned Horse skull (top only): $90
    •Naturally Cleaned Female Deer Skull (top only): $30
    •Damaged Otter Skull: SOLD
    •Replica Wolf Skull: $80
    •Female Wolverine Skull: SOLD
    •Damaged Grizzly Bear Skull: SOLD
    •Replica Lion Skull: $90
    •Cat Skull: SOLD
    •Muntjac Skull: SOLD
    •Wolverine (feet and face only): SOLD
    •Wolverine (pelt only): SOLD
    •Fox Tail: $20
    •Fox Faces: $20 per face or $70 for all
    •Vintage Black Coyote pelt (small tear on the side): SOLD
    •Badger Pelt: $30
    •Skunk Pelt: $40
    •Platinum Fox Shawl: $90
    •Raccoon: $30
    •Ferret: SOLD
    •Chipmunk: SOLD
    •White Ermine: $10
    •Alligator Head: $20
    •Framed Beetle: SOLD
    •Framed Brazilian Grasshopper: SOLD
    •Framed Bat: $70
    •Framed Scorpion: $40
    •Framed Tarantula: $80
    •Lynx face: $20
    •Coyote face: $20
    •Coyote tail: $10
    •Complete wall hanger Silver Fox: SOLD

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