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Frozen Exotic Birds

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by AllieC, Sep 19, 2020.

  1. AllieC

    AllieC Member

    9BFAB333-E695-4828-8B91-5063401FD435.jpeg FAFC1061-DB0E-42B8-A12E-0B679FFFBE49.jpeg 831344B6-4EAF-4D89-8656-F40C9EB2055D.jpeg 16D71FE5-12F6-424F-B45E-E4F5F95AC955.jpeg 994A09FF-107B-4523-881A-19F83687D9FD.jpeg E7665E07-261C-4556-915E-966EEC004176.jpeg D145AD50-893E-4AAC-883E-E897A7898F01.jpeg FC21F1A2-50CC-4A98-8948-F612527FA1AF.jpeg B5812294-08FC-4FFC-AA0B-2D5E116CFC65.jpeg 24379D73-301A-459D-BC2D-8F1DB3A8FD0C.jpeg I️ have some birds for sale, shipping quickly is really difficult/expensive with everything going on right now so shipping is 50$ packed with ice packs and insulation. Email: [email protected] for any questions or more pictures
    Baby Ostrich: SOLD
    Red bellied Conure: SOLD
    Green Cheek Conure: SOLD
    Green Aracari (young but feathered, good practice mount, skull skinned out, can use the smallest size available for adult aracari casted head): 75$
    Young/baby Curl crested aracari (technically could mount with some effort but would be good for freeze dry, wet specimen, skeleton, etc.): SOLD
    Amazon head with clay and glass eyes (currently frozen but will come dry, just need to rehydrate to fix up, good for crafts, replacement feathers, etc.): FREE WITH PURCHASE just have to claim it!
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  2. AllieC

    AllieC Member

    TTT I’m sorry but I️ have a minor emergency so I️ lowered the prices on the remaining birds

  3. Kate Lacour

    Kate Lacour New Member

    sent you an email