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Newbie Fox Needs Some Advice

Discussion in 'Beginners' started by Nalynza, Sep 23, 2020.

  1. Nalynza

    Nalynza New Member

    Hello, everyone,
    I've made the second life-size in my life and need some advice! I brought the tanned skin from a professional taxidermist and it's in perfect condition (fleshed to white, eyes and lips are paper thin, just one scar on the back leg). The outcome is satisfying, but there still are some noticeable flaws...

    1, The ears. I used acrylic red paint inside when they were moist, then applied latex chalk and earlines. But the color turned out uneven when they dried, and there is a hollow space between the skin and earline. When I press it, the red color fades away just like streching a tanned skin. I wonder what's the right way to make a pink ear with earline...

    2, Shrinkage. Everything is nice on the first day, but it's so dis ppointed to see those gaps on eyes and lips, and the out-of-shaped nose...I only used latex chalk as adhisive, is that not strong enough? When tucking lips, do I need to put clay in the gaps? And, is there a way to fix the nose? It's already super dry.

    3, I don't know why but this fox only looks life-like from profile...The front view looks a little stiff. Is it because of my work or it's just the form?
    head-front.jpg body-front.jpg body-side.jpg head-side.jpg ear.jpg lips.jpg eye.jpg nose.jpg

    (I'll also put my first fox below. It was a disaster...But thankfully I learned a lot from people's advice. Super helpful:)) disaster.jpg
  2. Small mammal noses can be tricky go artificial. Gap around the eye is normal fill with epoxy and paint looks pretty good for second try
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