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Coues Cape

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by tomgobbler, Nov 12, 2020.

  1. 90981745-1819-451C-8A2A-39C4BEA7D3E6.jpeg 90981745-1819-451C-8A2A-39C4BEA7D3E6.jpeg Great coues cape , buck shot today -
    15” mature buck . 1 hole in the thick brisket hair - will not show once sewn . That’s the only hole .... Plenty of ear - eye- lip etc .....
    The bad .... 1 ear is has natural split - the other ear it looks like took shrapnel damage - the horn was shot off on a previous hunt it looks like and so it looks like the back of the ear caught some of the antler as it exploded above it . Looking at it from the front it has nice long hair and should hide just fine - the back is a little Thin on hair right there but it’s not terrible . It will be a little fun to turn that ear - care will need to be taken - but once done it should make a great mount .

    Long cut - raw frozen .
    $75 plus shipping
    [email protected]
    Email me for more pic .