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What Do Your Degreasing Tanks Look Like

Discussion in 'Skulls and Skeletons' started by Redneck Express, Nov 23, 2020.

  1. With the ever forbid crash of Photobucket that I also used for years and haven't been around here for 8 years. I've started to get back into euro mounts. I've read almost every decreasing post all the way back to page 47 in 2009. I'm I'm reading mixed reports about peroxide heat breaks it down but yet heat makes it activate? roughly how many times are you able to use a batch 40% volume. I've read using acetone ammonia and Dawn dish soap to degrease skulls. What are you putting them in to close the tops so those acetone ammonia smell in but yet be able to cover the horns. I followed the white bone creations videos and also in the search of this form that's not the way to go and also on my own ventures I found that it also is not.
  2. Sea Wolf

    Sea Wolf Well-Known Member

    I've had a 5 gallon bucket of 40 VOL last almost a year with many skulls run through it. No heat on the bucket itself. Keep it out of light and in a cooler area if you can.

    White bone will help you to ruin skulls and waste materials, that is about it. You don't heat the peroxide, but you can heat the skull once it has been soaked in it. Pasting works better with heating though. With the 40 Volume peroxide, if you soak a skull in it for 24 hours, it won't get much whiter. Possibly, place it under a heat lamp for a couple of hours and see. Rotate the skull once in a while and make sure it isn't hot enough to burn the bone. You can wrap it in Saran Wrap to slow down the evaporation of the peroxide.

    Ammonia just smells like ammonia. Acetone is highly volatile and will be an extreme fire hazard in any open container. Unless you have a huge, sealed container that is acetone safe, it is impractical to use on antlered heads. It does work well for bears and other animals that can be greasy though.

    Don't pay photobuckets ransom fees. See if you can download your photos from them, delete your account with them and host the photos for free on postimage.org . Very easy to use and no issues so far.

  3. fadetoblack72

    fadetoblack72 Member

    This is my setup. Pretty small but that’s all I need right now. I keep it at 116 on my inkbird temp controller. The bucket heater is 1000w. The inkbird can handle that but I’m not sure if it could handle more or not.
    I’ve been using dawn and a bit of ammonia to degrease the skulls. Insulation is huge. The heater was coming on every 15 minutes until I insulated it. Now it comes on 2-3 times in 24 hours.

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