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African Mounts

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by Jakemish, Nov 30, 2020.

  1. Jakemish

    Jakemish Member

    Individually Priced, or can sell as a groupfor a discount.Globally Sourced Taxidermy, by Master Taxidermists, 7 Extraordinary Mounts. For questions email at [email protected]
    I dont get on here too often so email is best. Mounts can be shipped but pick up in Washington would be best. 20201130_193250.jpg 20201130_193240.jpg 20201130_193137.jpg 20201130_193225.jpg 20201130_193107.jpg 20201130_193047.jpg 20201130_193030.jpg

    Descriptions: Using the first photo for reference, the mounts are individually listed and priced , starting front to back, left to right, clockwise:

    Mount #1 (front left, images: 4-6): Life Size African Cape Buffalo Mount on Custom Habitat Base - $3995
    Description: Young adult Male. Incredible rare. Excellent mount with terrific detail. The custom habitat base is on wheels/casters, featuring faux African foliage and grasses (like the other two full bodied pieces).
    Approximate Dimensions: 90"L x 46"W x 59"H

    Mount #2 (rear, top left, images: 7-9): 13 Point Rocky Mountain Bull Elk, Shoulder Mount, Pedestal Mount - $2500
    Description: A massive Bull Elk. Rare in its overall size and quality (think Cabella's). Terrific coloring and regal positioning. It mounts on the matching pedestal (will need a mounting rod) as shown in image 9.
    Approximate Dimensions:
    Total w/o Pedestal: 55"T x 58"D x 45"W (21"W body - not including rack)
    Rack Measurement: 45"W x 40"T x 35"D
    Pedestal: 41"W x 26"D x28.5H

    Mount #3 (rear, back/bottom left, images: 10-12): African Eland, Common, Shoulder Mount, Wall Mount - $795
    Description: The largest of Antelopes. Straight spiraled horns. Wall mount faces straight towards the viewer/audience.
    Approximate Dimensions: 53"T x 43"D x 23"W (including horns, which are 24" long)

    Mount #4 (rear right, lower, images 13-15): New Zealand Red Stag, Pedestal Mount - $1995
    Description: Rich coloring with an extraordinary rack -- even for mule/red stag standards/measures. The head/neck turn to the audiences left. It's ready to mount on the matching rolling-pedestal (image # 15)
    Approximate Dimensions:
    Total w/o Pedestal: 54"W x 31"D x 53"H
    Rack Measurement: 47"W x 31"D x 22"H

    Mount #5 (rear right, top, images 16-18): African Sable Antelope, Pedestal Mount, w/o pedestal - $395
    Description: Gorgeous coloring. Positioned to face the viewers/audience's left. This does not include a pedestal
    Approximate Dimensions: 26"W x 38.25"D x 44"H (including horns)

    Mount #6 (middle/2nd back from the right, images 19-21): African Hartebeest on Custom Habitat Base w/casters - 6'2" Tall - $1,995
    Description: This incredibly rare, full size mount may be the only (full-size) available in the U.S. Terrific coloring and positioning. The custom habit base matches the other full-size mounts
    Approximate Dimensions: 62"L x 24.5"W x 77"H

    Mount #7 (Front right, images 22-24): African Cape Bushbuck, Life-Sized Taxidermy w/Habitat Base on Wheels - $695
    Description: Another rare full mount on wheels that will compliment any room/space. Great coloring. Head is turned towards the viewer/audiences left. Like the other full mounts, rolls easily on built-in casters.
    Approximate Dimensions: 46"L x 11.5"W x 54"H
  2. Jakemish

    Jakemish Member

    All sold