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What Is Obstructing Gw Teal Neck?

Discussion in 'Bird Taxidermy' started by Vulpes Vulpes, Dec 2, 2020.

  1. Vulpes Vulpes

    Vulpes Vulpes Active Member

    I am ready to mount a green wing teal to a form but something is wrong. I can’t pass anything through the neck hole. When I try and pass my finger down through the head opening, I hit a mushy dead end. The same happens when I try to go from the body cavity. Is the crop stopping me? How can I open this up a passage for the foam neck? Is the neck tough enough to be flipped inside out? That might help me visualize the issue
  2. The short answer is, nothing. Nothing should be stopping you or preventing you from inserting the neck material.
    If you didn't skin the bird and completely flesh it, you need to start over.
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  3. Jim McNamara

    Jim McNamara Well-Known Member

    Everything gets inverted including the neck. A good video might help you get started.
  4. Vulpes Vulpes

    Vulpes Vulpes Active Member

    I got the bird free from a seller on this site so I can’t speak to the skinning technique. The neck was stuck on to itself maybe some freezer burn. No matter, I got it open with a lubricated glove. I’ll wash it again wish dawn. Thanks.
  5. Wildthings

    Wildthings Well-Known Member

    To answer your question: Yes it should be flipped inside out and and all flesh, fat, mushiness and meat should be removed from the entire bird skin including the neck
  6. Instead of saying a seller on this site, I'd say, "I was gifted the bird form a really nice person on this site". It's against the law to sell migratory birds, and you never know when the duck detective is watching, and the red flag goes up. Sounds like someone selling birds decided to give you one for free. Just saying.
    If you want to get a really good tutorial on bird taxi, and prep/flesh/washing etc, I recommend you check out Matt Smith's DVDs at Blue Ribbon Birds-
    Good luck.
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  7. Vulpes Vulpes

    Vulpes Vulpes Active Member

    That’s right Tazman. User “Dark Man” gifted the drake to me and I just paid for shipping. Its looking alright for my third bird. Much better than my first couple avians.

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  8. It's good that you're improving. It's not easy to do bird taxidermy. I was told by my mentor when I started bird taxi, that I would need to do at least 50 birds before I started charging people. I didn't believe it when I heard her say that. However, now that I've been doing it professionally for a while, I totally agree with my mentor.

    Don't rush it. Get tons of references, and never use another taxidermist's work as reference. Because other guys aren't always spot on, and therefore shouldn't be used for reference. Plus, you never know if an artist was hiding shot damage or other defects which dictated their choice for the pose. Get the free catalogs from all the suppliers. You can use their charts for eye size and color. btw - Your teal here needs proper eyes for sure and grooming. Lots of grooming.. You also have to bathe and dry the birds much more than this one was done. Get those videos from Matt Smith that I mentioned. Blue Ribbon Birds DVD Tell him Taz sent you. I guarantee they will help you a ton. Also, don't be afraid to ask questions. There are no wrong questions. Proper prep is key to what makes a bird come out good. The rest is experience and of course, artistry. The fundamentals of bird taxi are what makes you really good...and that comes with repetition.
    Best of luck!
  9. Vulpes Vulpes

    Vulpes Vulpes Active Member

    Thanks. The right eye is mess--left is a bit better. The right eye took a pellet through the lower eyelid. I will use some clay to make an eye ring once the feathers are set. I degreased the skin with Truebond Lipasolve 55 and Lipasolve 77. It still had some grease after a few rinses so I washed it with Dawn quickly. I use a shopvac to dry the feathers BEFORE mounting this time (learned that one hard way). I will watch the videos you suggest. I'm here because I'm on this site looking to improve.
  10. Tanglewood Taxidermy

    Tanglewood Taxidermy Well-Known Member

    Before I learn a new thing like when I wanted to learn birds, I purchase two to four DVDs. I have no less than five turkey DVDs, a couple of pheasant, quail and grouse DVDs and a couple of duck ones. Investing money in learning will only be a positive thing.
  11. Wildthings

    Wildthings Well-Known Member

    What Tazman is nicely trying to tell you is the eyes that you used are the WRONG ones. color and size are incorrect! Also if you are just degreasing with chemicals and soap and not physically removing the fat and grease you will never get there!