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Trophy Hunting In The Sights

Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by James Marsico, Mar 1, 2021.

  1. James Marsico

    James Marsico Well-Known Member

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  2. Richard C

    Richard C Well-Known Member

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  3. D.Price

    D.Price Well-Known Member

    “The only difference between trophy hunting and poaching is a piece of paper. If you are rich and white and you kill a rhino, you are a conservationist. If you are poor and black and you kill a rhino, you are a poacher.”

    –Chris Mercer, Director, Campaign Against Canned Hunting (South Africa)

    I'm sorry, I made it to the above quote and just had to back out. There is no doubt they would love to end it and who knows, maybe they will, but, I will not sit and read their propaganda bullshit!

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  4. tat

    tat Member

    Being in the taxidermy industry for 43 years I do see a real time coming to an end there are so many younger people that do not understand conservation and what sharing the economy resources does for all. If I was to give valuable information to up and coming taxidermist is you will be squished out if relying on African or over seas trophies it will happen due to total lack of being informed and educated of younger generations & lack of interest it is sad to see it happen but I am glad that I am in the last quarter of such a business that has provided well for me and my family and allowed me to travel the world to see and hunt such great countries and wildlife it has been a truly humbling experience I feel sorry to see such great resources go away with now way to turn the many to be educated and see the real benefit of conservation and real trophy hunting that benefit the countries and animals that live there I have been so very blessed to have traveled hunted and experienced Africa 14 times 5 different countries ,Russia twice , New Zealand and Alaska, Canada and all over USA, & Mexico a life that will be very hard for future hunters and taxidermist to experience Hope this finds all well and dream your hunts and trips now they might not be there tomorrow
  5. James Marsico

    James Marsico Well-Known Member

    So good for you. I choose not completely ignore threats and attacks to my way of life. History proves that doing so can and has lead to distructions of even entire cultures and nations. Push back is a good thing.
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  6. James Marsico

    James Marsico Well-Known Member

    Fyi i almost never am on this site anymore and I am and have been happy with my life and career choice. I often help other taxidermists and they call me often for advise which I always gladly give. I have given away lots of capes and donated to taxidermy related causes and folks often. I am also debt free except for a relatively small amount on my home because of a complete remodel a few years ago. You constantly brag about how you are debt free. Good for you. I do think that any business person who voted for Biden/Harris is short sighted and yes a moron. Everything this country stands for and has fought for since its founding is on the line now in my opinion. The support the left recieves from fellow taxidermists and artists bothers me. Last I knew that is a Constitutional right. Have a nice day.
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  7. Richard C

    Richard C Well-Known Member

    Where did the Huffaker post go ???????????
  8. wa

    wa Thanks John...this depicts me better

    I feel sorry for the future of Taxidermy and Taxidermist as I know it and how it's been for most
    of us. It may not last 10 to maybe 15 more years at its accelerated speed of people leaving hunting trapping even fishing.
    I feel many factors are playing into it.
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  9. James Marsico

    James Marsico Well-Known Member

    Taxidermy has been around since the cavemen made hats out of birds. It has survived every war there is. It will be around forever. I had lots of work during the Carter years while he tried to destroy the economy.. I like Taxidermy but ill admit I have never liked being in the business. I just enjoy Taxidermy. Its been good to me overall but I know that it is a hard way to make a living compared to many other craft businesses unless you are a workaholic which I admit to being. I guess that is true though with being self employed in most any small business. I started full time in 1970. I've worked for other shops when I was young. I'm still learning and I am still willing to be taught. My few long time best friends are taxidermists and my few worst people that I know are taxidermists. Folks is folks. No one has arrived including me. I worry about my grandkids and America desending into Socialism and unpayable debt but I notice that to me anyway it seems that most people are not paying attention or they don't care. They will attack you for bringing up the danger. Oh well. I'm glad for my faith in the Lord. He told us not to worry but thats easier said than done for me anyway. Life is good.
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  10. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

    Jim, I posted something to this effect a couple weeks back and the moron with roses up their ass came out of the woodwork. They're too blind to see the threat just like all the millennials pooh pooh the communist takeover of America.

    In the 1920s, Jacob Best was sitting on a small fortune with his Pabst beer. He held controlling interest and when his board voiced concern about pending prohibition he exploded. He told them that beer had lasted for centuries and no one would close them down. He claimed that his fiends in Congress had asdued him that Prohibition was about hard liquor and not beer.

    Prohibition came and shut him down. He lost nearly everything and to avoid bankruptcy, he infringed on Kraft's copyright and started making Cheese. Kraft got a cease & desist order. Yet Kraft felt sorry and told them they'd let h make cheese but he had to put their label on it. In return, the wanted 1/8 cent on every pound he sold. This allowed Pabst to survive until Prohibition ended. When it did, he sold his cheese plant to Kraft and went back to making beer.

    In Europe today, animal rights wackos vilify hunters and hunting. Hunters going to Africa and other countries leave their work there and have finished mounts shipped to them to avoid the ridicule.

    If Biden success in turning America into a third world shithole like he seems intent, hunting and taxidermy may survive but with this "woke" generation, the small shops are destined to the same place as hardware stores and Mom&Pop grocery stores.
  11. NMJagdHunter

    NMJagdHunter Ted Wenner

    I just don't know where you guys are located that you are seeing such a decline. Every year it's harder to draw tags here, and every year sets a new applicant number record, and every year I have to turn away more work as we are just too busy. Yes I am cognizant of the attack on hunting and international hunting especially, but I also believe the pendulum will swing back. . . I hope, but it seems the way of things to me.
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  12. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

    Really? Well bring your asd to "white bread" America where neighbors are inches apart instead of miles like you. Pay rent on a 12x50 trailer and compare it to a 3 bedroom, 3 bath house where you are. I'm happy for you but at some point you will reach your limitations. I'd suggest you milk that cow til it dries up