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Couple Big Male Wolf For Sale

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by NMiller, Mar 28, 2021.

  1. NMiller

    NMiller Member

    This is a 106lb male.SOLD Really nice hair and color. Caught today, gonna skin him in the morning. You will have a hard time finding a nicer grey specimen, this guy has everything, great tail, super nice hair and color, and big. There is a damaged toe, nothing missing, should be easy fix. I plan to skin leaving feet and tail in. Skulls are extra. Can dorsal if you get to me before I stick a knife in him. SOLD includes shipping.

    20210327_175447.jpg 20210327_175310.jpg

    This one is also a real nice wolf, good hair and color. 97lb male. Caught today. Wolves this time of year are super prime, this guy will make a good mount. Can skin how you like. This is a nice wolf. PENDING $410 shipped.
    20210327_160736.jpg 20210327_160827.jpg

    Also caught a 77lb grey female today. Has a black colored lower jaw. Can send pics of her, or more pics of the others sometime tomorrow.

    Best way to get a hold of me is text or call 907-803-1517. Payment is check, PayPal (I prefer gift option, or add 3% for fees), cash, pretty much anything works. I would like to get these shipped soon before it warms up too much more.

    [email protected]
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  2. Robert Wise

    Robert Wise Member

    Great looking wolves Nate!!!
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