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Need To Vent Bout L/s Ram Form

Discussion in 'Lifesize Mammals' started by 13 point, Mar 29, 2021.

  1. 13 point

    13 point Well-Known Member

    So I needed a L/S BigHorn ram form , so after looking at a few suppliers the best I found measurements wise and the fact I could pick up , was from McKenzie. So because I could pick up , (saving on shipping) I special ordered it without front leg rods . Right under the description and price it say and I quote ( These forms will be cut for shipping unless otherwise specified) so I told them not to cut it in any way , the main reason is I didn’t want to have to put it together just to cut it apart in a different way as I case skinned the Ram out , out west and have to cut the form to insert it in the skin . So I wanted the least amount of seams as possible kinda thing . So I go and pick it up today , it was part of a $4000 order . It is in 3 pcs , NO WHERE IN THE CATALOG DID IT SAY IT WAS a 3 pcs form or 3 pcs mold and at no time was I told it would be In 3 pcs , especially when I told them I didn’t want it cut at all in any way . In the picture it doesn’t look like a 3 pcs form ( BH201LS I believe is the form ) and if you read the bottom it makes you believe they have to cut it with a saw not that it is blown in 3 pcs . I waited 2 weeks to get this form and it pisses me off , when I called them the girls check with her sales call lead and she said there was nothing they could do , I said you have Mike Gilles call me tomorrow. So I’ll wait for his call , to see what he says , I’m not asking for it to be free , but I do feel I should be compensated for the time I’m going to loose while putting it back together ( time is money) . What do you all think , no it’s not hard to do and probably only going to take an hour after waiting for it to kick off and harden 3 times , but that’s not the point and not what I thought I was buying . Rant over lol , thoughts ?
  2. Mandi

    Mandi Well-Known Member

    I just got a bear form from them which is a half body mount and they just added the back half in. The back of the front half has wood backing to put a wall hanger on. Not really a big deal but something I noticed. The rock base also didn't fit into the wooden frame and I've had to shave a little at a time to get it to drop in without damaging the finish. Just little things that could be avoided with a little more care.

  3. Keith

    Keith Well-Known Member

    A lot of forms are multipiece pours. You got what you requested right?--- a non- cut form.

    Don't take this as a slam, but you must not do many large lifesize because many of the newer forms come in pieces. It makes for easier molds and extends the life of the molds from all the undercuts and pulls from the mold.

    Just put it together, and next time you order a lifesize, ask, so you have no surprises.
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