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In Need Of Mammal (woodchuck) Measuring Sheet

Discussion in 'Lifesize Mammals' started by FoxHill, Mar 31, 2021.

  1. FoxHill

    FoxHill New Member

    Hi -

    I'm very much new to the wonderful world of taxidermy. I'm trying to figure out just what all I need to measure in order to sculpt my own form and I'm having trouble finding anything through internet searches as to what all the big measurements that I require are.

    Does anyone have any blank measurement sheets so I can fill in all the numbers with my unique groundhogs? Would the measurements that are taken be the same from animal to animal - (i.e. if you need to measure from eye to eye you'd be measuring that same thing with every mammal, yeah?)

    Apologies for all the questions - just trying to do my best to learn.

    Thank you!
  2. Crittrstuffr

    Crittrstuffr Well-Known Member

    All the measurements you need are on the carcass of the animal your mounting. Eye to eye, eye of the nose, eye width, nose to ears, length of legs and all the circumference measurements. Pose it the way you want it and freeze it all the skeletal/muscle will show you what it should look like when your done. This just one of many ways to start to learn. Good luck
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  3. FoxHill

    FoxHill New Member

    Thank you so much! I'm really enjoying the process of learning, and everyone here has been amazingly helpful.
  4. Richard C

    Richard C Well-Known Member

    After it’s all skinned out save the carcass in the freezer for reference.