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Discussion in 'Skulls and Skeletons' started by AlpineValleyTaxidermy, May 22, 2021.

  1. AlpineValleyTaxidermy

    AlpineValleyTaxidermy Active Member

    This is a coyote skull I got from a roadkill. Most of the skull had been nature cleaned already, but there was still some rotting stuff on it. I peroxided it and degreased it. I don’t have all of the teeth unfortunately. But to be honest it’s one of my best looking skulls when it comes to color. What do you guys think? 99DDEE1C-F361-4D7B-988B-44C59597DBD1.jpeg 5A2D7AA5-22B3-42F2-A501-3566196586AE.jpeg 904310EF-E1C7-4734-921A-8F140CCECEF8.jpeg
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  2. garlicsalt

    garlicsalt Member


  3. Sea Wolf

    Sea Wolf Well-Known Member

    Natural bone color looks better than blinding white in my opinion. If you go back and comb the spot where you found the skull, the teeth will be there. They loosened and fell out while decomposing but they will not be far from where the skull was sitting.
  4. steve torna

    steve torna New Member

    More important than color is the presence/preservation of the delicate nasal conchae and processes that characterize each skull. Unless it is a rare specimen, I won't even consider a skull that is devoid of nasal turbinates. Having said that, I agree with Sea Wolf, I prefer natural bone color and dislike paper white/over processed skulls. Many skulls in my collection are discolored in some way. I never try to process them; I love the different patinas and uniqueness that they represent. The only time I process a skull is to degrease; I rarely bleach them at all. Your coyote skull looks great!
  5. AlpineValleyTaxidermy

    AlpineValleyTaxidermy Active Member

    Thanks guys!