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Soft Mount Foxes For Sale!

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by thepaintedliving, May 25, 2021.

  1. thepaintedliving

    thepaintedliving New Member

    US, FL
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    Feel free to text me if you have any questions it'll be the fastest way I'll answer (321)591-8665


    1. $800 (shipping included) This is Ether! His pelt was sold as a sapphire platinum however this fox a rare wonderful mix of many genetics, he has hand painted grey/blue eyes, and no wires just a floppy mount! He has beautifully colored and dense fur, the darker grey even shows a purple or cinnamon hue in certain lights! He was mounted by me (@thepaintedliving on instagram) in 2020 and is in perfect condition, his leather is amazing however the neck guard hairs were protruding some on the inside so I sealed the collar's leather to ensure he'd last a long life! If desired he could easily have an armature Installed by another artist with no problems! If you have any questions or concerns feel free to message me on my instagram!

    2. $610 (shipping included
    This is Fable! She's a silver whitemark that was deemed unmountable but I went ahead and mounted her!

    She's my first mount and is incredibly close to my heart however she doesn't get the attention she needs, her body's leather is nice and supple and her fur is incredible! It's on the silkier side and the colors are wonderful and vibrant, amazing markings and a wonderful tail! It may not look like it but she's actually pretty large! Largest fox I owned!

    She has a hand painted eye and a genuine moonstone eye! She is missing an arm, a velvet patch on one of her back legs, and all three of her paws are very fragile near the wrist area, they shouldn't cause problems any time soon however I'd recommend wrapping them or creating a cuff to ensure the longevity! She had holes on her stomach area which I had patched up, and although it isn't visible some of the seams can be felt! I try to be 100% transparent with everything!

    Despite the minor flaws she's just as stable as other softmounts, just needs to have a gentle owner! She'd dress up wonderfully for a con or fair of some sort, definitely a conversation starter!

    If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me @thepaintedliving on instagram! You can even watch her development process there!

    Softmounts are mounted with a standard head and the rest is filled with poly fill, if you like fairs, cons, or want to get your family and friends more involved with taxidermy this is a perfect way to integrate people into the hobby! They're soft and loveable but also easy to travel with!

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