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Sewing Incisions On A Deer

Discussion in 'Beginners' started by akhenenra, Aug 13, 2021.

  1. akhenenra

    akhenenra Member

    I finished my second mount recently, and this one was cut rather than tubed so I had to try my hand sewing it up. Had to do a few small holes in the face and neck which came out quite well, but the back incision not so much. I had followed a few directions that said not to put hide paste along the back, to keep the hair from getting messy. But I think as a result there wasn't enough holding it together, and the hide pulled apart a little along the incision. Not a ton but definitely noticeable. Is there a trick to making it more secure? Nails or tacks along the incision maybe? Thanks for the help.

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  2. byrdman

    byrdman Well-Known Member

    loop stich… not baseball… and use a very heavy thread…I use ghg decoy line.. and pull tight as you go….pin or staple a pc of metal svreen over incision wil help hold it flat … and you can put caulk up under as you go
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  3. ARUsher

    ARUsher Well-Known Member

    On capes that are cut down the back, I like to sew them up before putting it on the form that way it brings it back to a tubed/short Y cape. It is definitely easier and faster this way. I also use a loop or whip stich instead of baseball stich to do this.
  4. 13 point

    13 point Well-Known Member

    Use as small a needle as possible with 30lbs fire line from Berkeley, and as much hide paste as possible making sure you push it under the stitches, again under the stitches, as it dries tap them down 3-4 times a day bagging your mount to dry slowly as possible. See my tutorial on bagging them. No nails or tacks needed and I use baseball stitches on all my mounts .
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  5. whitetails and fish only

    whitetails and fish only Well-Known Member

    A very thin skin along the seam will make for a much better look.
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  6. Tanglewood Taxidermy

    Tanglewood Taxidermy Well-Known Member

    Turn your cape inside out and place it on a table. Use a 1 1/2" three sided needle. Sew the inside out cape up to where you want the "Y" to start. This creates a tubed cape. Sewing from the inside (hide side) keeps the hair out of the stitches. I keep my stitches 1/8" or less apart.You should have slack hide, so you can push the seam together over time as it dries it won't shrink and pull apart. The hide past under the stitches will hold it in place.
  7. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

    I keep hearing "thin the skin" along the incision. That's bullspit. Thin you hide EVENLY. You don't thin bullet holes and cuts. Thinning WEAKENS your hides ability to hold the stitch and can tear out more easily.
    Don't put any glue on the neck. NONE! (You experienced guys, hear me out before you stroke out.)
    Use the "whip stitch" (baseball stitches pucker your hide just like stitches on a BASEBALL. Inset your needle under the hide and bring the point out right at the hair line. Insert the needle AT the hair line and cinch. ONCE COMPLETE, flip your mannequin and pull the hide down to the head SKIN SIDE OUT. Now put a medium coat of hide paste over 100% of your form. Push the paste all the way to the jawline. Now reach up under your folded hide and gently roll it to the backboard . Done slowly with firm pressure on your mannequin, only the skin will touch the paste. Flip your form upright, taxi the hide to align anatomical markers, and staple it to the backboard.
    Take avtack hammer and gently beat down your seam. You can also take your tucking tool and press the seam down directly. If you've thinned your HIDE and Fireline, the tucking tool will align the "flats" of your incision. I used a Sally's Beaty Supply hair sculpting fluid on the hair and brushed it out when the mount dried. Dennis Harris used wet potters clay on his rowdy seams and it, too, can brushed out.
  8. Elaine Zimmerman

    Elaine Zimmerman New Member

    Is there a way to fix the gap in the seam when the hide pulls apart?
  9. rehydrate till the skin is pliable then taxi the skin together and resew with glue
  10. Westcoast

    Westcoast Active Member

    They (however told you not to use paste on the neck) meant not to get hide paste in the seam and on the hair while sewing, Not in general. Once you have completed a section of 8 to 10 stitches, push your hide paste into that section that you just sewed and smash your seam into it. Get that hide paste on every square inch of your form. Your seam is the weakest link in your mount, it’s trying really hard to pull apart. Over compensate for this with tight stitches and a quality paste. I recommend Pro1, that stuff is pretty amazing.