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Splitting Pheasant Wattles

Discussion in 'Bird Taxidermy' started by sdakota, Oct 18, 2006.

  1. Maybe someone would be nice enough to put a picture on here and show where the line is to open up these wattles. I have heard may explanations but a picture would be nice. Thanks
  2. Re: pheasant wattles

    Here's a start, see the red line, that is meat between the inner and outer layer of skin, carefully cut along this line of red and it will slowly open up, keep going until you can't go anymore. This is the lower front wattle area of one side, there are others to deal with in the same way, flip the skin inside and out and you will find all the areas and look for the red meat.


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    Here's another picture after that same area has been split, my finger is inverting the wattle sack that has been exposed by splitting.

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    Thanks for posting the pics. I think being able to add pictures to this forum really helps some of us. Thanks again.
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    By the way you pheasant hunters out their I live in South Dakota and we had a resident season for 3 days with the real opener starting Saturday. We may have the best population of pheasant in Northeast S.D. that I have ever seen.It is nothing to see over a 100 birds around the sloughs I duck hunt at early in the morning.


    Re: pheasant wattles

    That is awesome photos and advice from a fellow taxidermist that knows what he is talking about....After I split my wattles, and have the bird mounted, I like to fill the wattle area with critter clay, and naturally smooth it out in the wattles...You may need to lightly card them for a couple of days to retain an awesome shape....Hope this helps..... Nicky G.