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2nd Buck Done !!! Tips Are Welcome

Discussion in 'Deer and Gameheads' started by Elkhunter101, Oct 28, 2021.

  1. Elkhunter101

    Elkhunter101 New Member

    11C1A1D3-AA31-4993-8F35-0FA664ACBB86.jpeg 1AA96FAC-08F5-44E2-BF9C-D68C2D75A626.jpeg C62181AD-1D5B-4D10-B6E3-AD06623DF417.jpeg 85ACE531-6FEF-4EC6-99C8-28FF318894D5.jpeg F87BEED7-727B-4049-85F3-9FCB312D41E8.jpeg 439EEEED-4330-4AE4-962E-4F351D506BD7.jpeg F3347381-EE7D-40EB-999F-898D4EB44913.jpeg 2879521C-EE60-49F3-8409-DE583761702E.jpeg BF2626C6-7095-4AF6-A3F8-BC4BB7F564E8.jpeg 8DA39F88-18BB-4B15-BA31-4BAE56FDCA99.jpeg Got my 2nd buck put together. Criticism is welcome and tips on what I need to work on. Next is finish work and air brushing..
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  2. Crittrstuffr

    Crittrstuffr Active Member

    First of all nice job for your second deer way better than my first attempts. You have something going on with the ear butt placement or the skull plate placement or possibly both. The biggest thing taxidermist new and old have to really understand is anatomy of the animal their mounting. You have to be able to order a form as a starting point but realize their not always correct and be able to make changes to the form to correct issues you may see. Without that knowledge you'll be the last one to realize there's a problem and that's a big problem. Real pictures of deer are a huge help. Not pictures of other peoples mounts but live deer. The ear butts on a deer are located on or really close to the same plane as the top of the head or the top of the skull. Your clay work has then down the jaw. The top of the ear butts and ears themselves usually almost hit the bottom of the main beam or the burrs on the antlers when in the alert position. When the ear goes back it pivots from the same spot so the ears butts must stay in the same place just some of the muscles relax while other tighten up but the ear butt doesn't move just the ear. Move the ears back and forth on a real deer maybe one that's freshly dead and watch what they do. The other thing is eye shape. Push the front corners up or pull the back upper lids down a bit. Reference once again will be a huge help. Also I pack the nostrils with plastic wrap or a part of a grocery bag. It holds the shape and will not stick to the hide paste. Lastly groom the deer before you walk away from it. Looks like the neck has some lumps smooth all those away and groom and brush all the hair patterns. If your asking what hair patterns? then reference! Over all very good job make a goal to make everyone a little better than the last. Stay safe
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