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Tanned Furs For Sale

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by WI Trapper, Nov 12, 2021.

  1. I have some professionally garment-tanned furs for sale. They were tanned by Moyles. All were taken legally in Wisconsin last fall/winter on my trapline. I have beaver, raccoon, wild mink and skunk. These would be for wall hangings or could be used for making mittens, hats, etc. I listed here because I thought you may have clients looking for items like this. Please contact me via email at [email protected] and I'll send you pictures, measurements and pricing. You would pay the shipping if necessary.
  2. I forgot to mention I also have a river otter, case-skinned with the feet attached.

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  4. OHDave

    OHDave Member

    Is the otter still available and good for a lifesize mount?
  5. I think it will be sold this weekend. If you're looking for one to mount, I have 2 tags to fill and expect to catch them in the next month. I could skin and send you an otter that's not tanned yet if you're interested. My email address is [email protected].
  6. OHDave

    OHDave Member

  7. I still have most of the tanned furs available for sale. I had a buyer for the beaver and otter but he had to back out because of financial issues. I still have 2 of the skunks for sale.

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  8. How much for the little minks?
  9. The mink are $25 each plus shipping.
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  10. Just sold the last otter and a large beaver. I now have 2 large beaver, 2 small beaver, 2 skunks, 3 raccoon and 3 mink left for sale and won't have any more until next summer. Please contact me if interested at [email protected]. These would be used for wall hangings or making hats, mittens, etc. Beaver.jpeg Coon, Skunk, Mink.jpeg
  11. BowDeadly

    BowDeadly "LIFE IS GREAT" It's better with a bow

    Whats the length on the skunk and the biggest coon. Do you have any coon with feet?
  12. The largest coon is 41" from the nose to the tip of the tail and the 2 skunks are both 28" long. I don't have any coon with the feet on.
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  14. Western Wildlife Art Studio

    Western Wildlife Art Studio STUDIO PHONE (406) 356-2100

    Do you still have large coons left- and if yes I like he largest and darkest one,, need price and etc.. I would like the one at the very bottom,, as long as he is dark and wide with minimal damage --
  15. The largest one is 41" long from the nose to the tip of the tail and 10" wide at the hips. It's the top coon in the picture above. There is no damage but keep in mind that there are no feet attached so it wouldn't be suitable for mounting if that's what you wanted. The price would be $40 plus shipping. Please send me your address and I'll figure out the shipping.

  16. Western Wildlife Art Studio

    Western Wildlife Art Studio STUDIO PHONE (406) 356-2100

    Lance - what is your contact info - like to call you ... or give me a ring - 406-356-2100
  17. Western,

    Please send me your contact information via private message or email me at [email protected] I though I had it but I can't find it. I'll figure out which way to ship you the coon hide.


  18. Western Wildlife Art Studio

    Western Wildlife Art Studio STUDIO PHONE (406) 356-2100

  19. The largest coon (41") has been sold. I still have 2 coon, 2 large beaver, 2 small beaver, 2 skunks and 3 mink. Pictures are above. Please contact me if you're interested.
  20. oneshot

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