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Many Whitetail Capes (ls, 1/2 Ls, Shoulder Mount)

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by jordan.feller, Nov 29, 2021.

  1. jordan.feller

    jordan.feller Member

    I've got a whole bunch of capes for sale, all green and frozen. I ship on Monday's via UPS or SpeeDee. I accept Paypal (add 3% if you don't send via F&F), venmo, or check/MO. My cell phone is 712-540-6985, I'm faster to respond a text or call vs a reply to this thread or message on the forum. Buyer pays shipping. All capes are short Y cut. Please specify the cape #(s) you are interested in when contacting me, thanks!

    LS1 - $400 - Believe it or not, this buck is 8.5 years old. It's half dorsal skinned and frozen green with feet left in. Entry/exit wounds of course from the broadhead. Very gray face. The size isn't huge, average I'd say. 49" base of skull to base of tail. 44" girth at center of body. ~21" neck three inches behind the ears. His peak body size was year ago.

    LS2 - $400 - Real nice cape, does have a rub on top of the shoulders, shown in pics. 49" base of skull to base of tail, 46" girth, and neck is slightly larger than the above buck. Going to be in the 22" range behind the ears.

    LS3 - $400 - great life size cape off a mature IA buck. Some rubs behind ears on the neck, scar on top of back. Otherwise it's in great shape. About as 24-25" neck behind ears. Buck was 170" buck.

    Cape P - $90 - Nice cape, average size. 18" I estimate.

    Cape S - $90 - Great size on this cape, 22" neck, may squeeze an extra 1/2" to 1" out of it. Only two negatives about this cape, it's cut all the way down the back and the buck had a major desire to rub trees and wear the hair down on his forehead. I call it character.

    HLS1 - $200 - long hair, slight 2x throat patch, good sized neck. ~22"

    SOLD - Cape J - $100 - Rubs on the brisket some and scar on tip of heck
    SOLD - Cape L - $25 - Prob the roughest cape I've kept, but figured someone may need a real cheap practice cape. The hunter cut it short and it's got a nasty wound on the brisket. Probably tough to cover up but could be painted and made part of the mount.
    SOLD - Cape N - $100 - Nice cape, average size. 19-20" I estimate.
    SOLD - Cape O - $90 - Nice cape, hunter trimmed it a little shorter in the brisket but still will fit some forms with less brisket showing on them. Nice size on this cape, ~20-21"
    SOLD - Cape R - $100 - Real nice cape average cape. 20" neck I estimate.
    SOLD - Cape A - $150 - Very short hair, slight 2x throat patch. About 17-18" neck. Mid-Sept cape
    SOLD - Cape B - $110 - Nice average sized cape. ~21" neck
    SOLD -Cape C - $125 - Nice larger sized cape. ~23-4" neck
    SOLD Cape D - $150 - Nice average sized cape, perfect large 2x throat patch. ~21" neck
    SOLD - Cape E - $50 - small cape off a 1.5 year old buck. But cape has a real nice mane on it.
    SOLD - Cape F - $110 - Nice average sized cape. ~21" neck
    SOLD - Cape G - $150 - Nice XL sized cape. ~24" neck
    SOLD - Cape I - $110 - Nice average sized cape ~21" neck
    SOLD - Cape K - $110 - Nice average cape, about 20" neck
    SOLD - Cape M - $125 - Real nice ~23" neck on this cape. Real good cape. Only 'oddity' is his left eye has a dark ring around it and an old wound about 1" behind the eye. Not a competition quality cape but still a very nice cape
    SOLD - HLS2 - $200 - nice early season with short hair, average sized neck. ~20-21
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  2. Measurements on the small buck cape E

  3. jordan.feller

    jordan.feller Member

    Bump - I'm looking to move some capes - feel free to make offers, thanks!
  4. jordan.feller

    jordan.feller Member

    Bumping up with the new updates - trying to keep all the inventory on one post this year. Seems like it's easier on my end. Getting to the end of season so I don't know how many more capes I'll be getting in
  5. jordan.feller

    jordan.feller Member

    Got plenty of capes in the freezer yet!
  6. jordan.feller

    jordan.feller Member

    Prob the end of the capes I'll have available for the year - give me a text or call if you're interested in any. Thanks!
  7. jordan.feller

    jordan.feller Member

    Bump - open for offers on the three life size capes