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Any Use A Matuska Mounting Stand?

Discussion in 'Beginners' started by xOEDragonx, Dec 6, 2021.

  1. xOEDragonx

    xOEDragonx New Member

    I am currently buying all the equipment I will need to attempt my first deer mount. Amongst those items is a mounting stand for holding a mannequin while I work on it. Given my setup, I definitely need a free-standing stand, not a wall or desk mount. I know a lot of people picked their stand based on price, that is honestly not my concern. I am looking for a good quality stand that can do as much as possible with minimal or no modifications at all. I am not interested in building one at this time.

    I like the look of the Matuska Ultimate ones, they simply look nice, I like that the legs can extend for more stability if I try to use the stand for odd projects and I simply haven't seen a single negative comment about it in all of my online searching about it -- but unfortunately there's really not a whole lot to read about it and I can only find a handful of videos on youtube (mostly from Matuska ads directly) that showcase it or even mention it. I'm ready to hit the order button but there was one little thing about the stand I'm questioning from the videos I saw.

    You can tilt the mannequin upwards, which would be helpful when sliding a cape down on it. But it looks like if I wanted to tilt a mannequin downwards to face the ground so I could stitch up the back of the neck, I would need to take the whole mannequin off of the stand, reverse it on the stand, then tilt it down. It looks like you can't tilt a mannequin both up and down without removing it and replacing it on the stand? Maybe that's a small complaint, but that seems like added effort on an expensive stand for something that the cheaper stands I've seen on the market can readily do. So I'm just curious if I'm misunderstanding the video ad or if that's the case. Does anyone here have a Matuska Ultimate Mounting Stand (single head) specifically and if so, is that the only way to tilt a mannequin both up and down? It seems like the U shaped slot is large enough that it should be able to tilt a full 180 degrees from back to front, but I'm figuring the bolt that locks it back at 90 degrees prevents you from tilting it all the way? Just curious if someone could shed some light.

    This is the limitation I'm talking about, if the visual helps:
  2. Mike Powell

    Mike Powell Well-Known Member

    Your observation is correct. You would have to pull the mount out of the socket and insert it into the opposite side to tilt the mount forward. A simple procedure, but with this stand, a necessary one.