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Ky Tornado Losses/ Need Help Pricing

Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by mrdux, Jan 10, 2022.

  1. mrdux

    mrdux Member

    On December 10,2021 my shop in Benton,KY was damaged by an EF4 tornado. Thankfully my building escaped with minor steel siding damage and broken windows. Businesses all around me were not so lucky. A boat dealership 100 yards south of me was damaged to the tune of a million $$. Homes 300 yards north of me were destroyed.

    I ran my freezers on a generator for 3 days after dumping the contents of two upright freezers into the chest freezer immediately after the tornado. With all that happened around me plus having shoulder replacement surgery just days later, the freezer quit. My wife was watching over the shop and my freezer alarm never sounded. Several days later I had her drive me to the shop where we found the contents thawed and starting to smell.

    After doing an inventory and inspection of each item, I lost over 60 client and personal trophies. I have started the insurance process since I carry a rider policy covering freezer loss. My questions pertain to how do I set a value for trophies? I lost several waterfowl that were paid for up front so that $$ will be paid back. All deposits will be returned. My signed work orders state I am not responsible for items lost. I've gone thru many For Sale items here to get an idea of what many items would cost to replace.

    The only items I will definitely replace are a Kudu and a Gemsbok that were tanned but in the very bottom of the freezer in 4-5" of bloody water in plastic bags that failed. Both are losing hair. I have bought a tanned Kudu but still need a Gemsbok (medium-large). Both the Kudu and Gemsbok had been prepped, ear liners installed, and test fitted before my shoulder gave out where I couldn't sew them up.

    I'm looking at 2 black bears ruined, a tanned mountain lion ( of course it was in the water too), several green and tanned bobcats, multiple fish and waterfowl.How should I set a value for the trophies lost?
  2. 13 point

    13 point Well-Known Member

    Well if that happened in the whole area and you are basically on time with all your mounts , meaning not 3 years out kinda thing . All are mounts in your time frame as you stated they would be . Then your clients should understand and you can’t be held responsible for an act of God you may say . If they are from your area they are or went thru the same thing and should understand and not blame anyone. I may give them there deposits back minus the time you may have into them or I would try to find replacement capes and eat that cost . But they would still owe me there balance once I put there mount together. Guess it depends on what kind of person they are . CHIT HAPPENS.

  3. gobbler71

    gobbler71 Member

    I'd make a list of everything that was lost for customers......then give a shout out to the taxidermy world and see what you can come up with. Whatever you cant replace contact customers and see what kind of dollar sign they can put on those animals and pass it on to the insurance company. If I need something and post it on this site, its usually no longer than a couple weeks til someone contacts me with "hey, you still need a ______?" I thought a Roan Antelope was a longshot....nope, two in a week. East Coast capes will have your MT Lion and Bobcats. Id have a L/S bear.....Just do the best you can to keep your clients, Im sure they will understand the circumstances or they arent human.