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Guide: Advice For Beginner Uk Taxidermists

Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by RoeBuck, Jan 12, 2022.

  1. Hey all, just thought I'd post this as I see a lot of beginner questions, often around preserving and obtaining supplies. This is for people in the UK, but could apply to mainland Europe too! I hope this is okay to post.

    If this is in the wrong forum, let me know!

    Important links:
    Guild of Taxidermists - https://www.taxidermy.org.uk/

    Even if you're a hobbyist, I'd encourage you to join the GOT. They publish a journal full of changes to the law, competition winners (from the annual conference), tutorials and other articles. The GOT also provides you with taxidermy insurance, legal advise, licenses to hold some protected species and access to a network of the best and most experienced taxidermists in the UK.

    Taxidermy Law - http://taxidermylaw.co.uk/
    Important website about the current laws on taxidermy in the UK, including what licenses you must hold to buy/sell dead animals, and what records are essential to keep.

    Obtaining specimens:
    - 'Raw Taxidermy Materials' on Facebook
    - 'Skulls, Bones and Raw Specimens UK' on Facebook
    - Frozen feeder animals from reptile supply companies
    - Deceased stock from pet shops
    - Roadkill
    - Pest control companies
    - Local hunters and game keepers

    - JHT Supplies - https://www.jhtsupplies.co.uk/ Sells most supplies needed, including forms
    - Snowdonia supplies - https://www.snowdoniasupplies.co.uk/
    - MarkTaxidermy - https://www.marktaxidermy.com/ Bird forms, heads etc
    - Watkins and Doncaster - https://www.watdon.co.uk/acatalog/Taxidermy_Tools.html
    - Glass Eyes Online - https://www.glasseyes.com/
    - Taxidermy Eyes - https://taxidermy.by/ Based in Belarus, ships to UK

    - I often see people asking where they can get borax in the UK. Search 'sodium borate' online and you'll find it!
    - The equivalent of dawn dish soap is fairy liquid, I use the platinum one
    - I believe some US taxidermy companies ship to the UK, but with high shipping costs

    More and more people in the UK are starting to offer classes, either in groups or one-to-one. Here are just a couple. You can find more by joining the GOT as they have contact information for most of the top taxidermists in the UK.

    Mike Gadd - https://www.taxidermy.co.uk/taxidermy-training-course/
    Carl Church - https://carlchurch.co.uk/bird-taxidermy-and-demonstrations/
    DH Taxidermy - http://www.taxidermists.co.uk/
    George Jamieson - http://www.scottish-taxidermy.co.uk/pages/training.htm
    Phillip Leggett - https://www.taxidermyuk.net/tuition/
    Birdhouse Taxidermy - https://birdhousetaxidermy.co.uk/classes

    I'll add to this when I think of anything else, or let me know if you have any questions