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Cleaned Skulls For Sale - 4 Different Lots (sold)

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by Bassd83, Jan 16, 2022.

  1. I am cleaning out my old beetle shed, these were all laying around. All were beetle cleaned, most are fully cleaned (degreased with hot water/dawn/ammonia, and whitened in peroxide). Not all of these are considered "A" quality, some have cracking teeth from over drying in the beetle room for years, some have teeth that have fallen out, some need extra degreasing/whitening. Skulls with teeth that have fallen out are in bags with the teeth, no guarantee all the teeth are present. Prices listed are for each lot (group) of skulls and INCLUDES shipping with USPS. No refunds, I will not look for missing teeth (they are long gone) and you may contact me via PM or email ([email protected]).

    Lots 1, 2 and 3 are sold. Lot 4 still available

    Lot #1: $100 Shipped (SOLD)
    2 Raccoon- Need additional whitening. One missing its bottom jaw. Missing teeth. Craft grade basically
    12 Mink - These are nice specimens, mostly big males. Nice quality. One in a bag with loose teeth
    7 Short tail weasels - all in good shape
    3 Fisher - good shape, one in bag with loose teeth
    1 Opossum - In bag with loose teeth
    Lot 1-1.jpg Lot 1-2.jpg Lot 1-3.jpg

    Lot #2: $80 Shipped (SOLD)
    1 Coyote - nice
    6 Red Fox - Nice, 1 needs to be finished
    3 Opossum - All in bags with loose teeth
    1 Gray Fox - In bag with teeth
    Lot 2-1.jpg Lot 2-2.jpg Lot 2-3.jpg

    Lot #3: $50 Shipped (SOLD)
    These are basically craft grade skulls, missing teeth and pretty old.
    2 Wolverine - Missing a few teeth
    1 Badger - Might be missing a tooth or two
    1 Armadillo - Missing some teeth
    Lot 3-1.jpg Lot 3-2.jpg Lot 3-3.jpg

    Lot #4: $100 Shipped (SOLD)
    Most of these are in perfect shape, many different species. Would be fun to ID them! 43 skulls in total.

    Squirrels (gray and red), rats, mice (local to NY), shrews (short-tail), moles (Townsend, hairy-tail, star nosed), red-eared slider turtles, and a badger foot with claws
    Lot 4-1.jpg
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  2. I'll take lot 3

    I'll messege you

  3. RockyMountainGuy

    RockyMountainGuy New Member

    I'll take lot 1. I will send you a message
  4. colesgran

    colesgran New Member

    PM sent