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Frozen Whole Bobcat And Mt. Lion

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by Great Skulls, Feb 2, 2022.

  1. Great Skulls

    Great Skulls Active Member

    Hi all,

    I need a frozen whole bobcat and a frozen Mt. Lion. They DO NOT need to be pretty! I need them for a dissection project, and the skin and muscles need to be intact.

    Actually, I really need the forelimbs (shoulder down), but figure that cutting that part of the skin basically costs the whole skin and destroys all its value, so I'm paying for the whole thing anyway. Might ask you to gut and rough out the back of the Mt. lion to save on shipping, if you don't mind. If a back skin is of value to you, we can talk! I would prefer skulls in, but if you want those too, we can talk.

    Paying the going rate (let me know what you want for this weird request!) plus the shipping - I know that the shipping is going to be expensive. I can organize a FedEx label any pay you for packaging, if that works.

    The IDEAL situation is to get really ugly specimens (e.g., bobcats with markings that aren't nice enough to sell at top dollar) and/or specimens that are somehow already a bit trashed (e.g., extensive trap damage or predator damage). I hate destroying a good specimen, but need it for work!

    Please PM or text: 919-381-7459
  2. Great Skulls

    Great Skulls Active Member

    I think I got a bobcat that I need coming, but I still need a Mt. Lion.

    I have no clue what a whole medium/large one is worth (and I know shipping will be ridiculous), but I'd pay $1000 for a perfect specimen that fits the need. Please text!