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Scam Alert!!!! Mattfred28

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by Bigjon2, Feb 13, 2022.

  1. Bigjon2

    Bigjon2 Member

    Not sure if I'm supposed to post this here but want to warn others.

    Mattfred28 insisted on having me contact him through email, and wouldn't send pictures of the Ross Goose when I requested. Also, his profile info doesn't match up! PLEASE BE CAREFUL!
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  2. 13 point

    13 point Well-Known Member

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  3. He just contacted me this am .. will proceed with caution. Thank you!
  4. Wow he just contacted me last night about the ear wizard
  5. Sea Wolf

    Sea Wolf Well-Known Member

    You are right about the info not matching up. This person also has no posts on here. Apparently has nothing to sell. If there were posts, they have been removed. ALWAYS run email addresses and phone numbers to check. Not just Google. Use DuckDuckGo as well. You will get different results. Info states that Mattfred28 is a Female, Birthday:Jun 18, 1989 (Age: 32) and Location: Ohio
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  6. tracie w

    tracie w Active Member

    I wish we had a section on the main page that post scammers or proceed with caution that we can check before we send things out. In our busy season I don’t always have time to check everything, but I don’t buy a lot on here except from people who are well established. Of all the sites I use-this one is a good one!
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  7. Rausch

    Rausch Well-Known Member

    That’s what the buyers and sellers page is for.
  8. Western Wildlife Art Studio

    Western Wildlife Art Studio STUDIO PHONE (406) 356-2100

    This site is getting to be just as bad as FACEBOOK , but at least we have the the BUYERS and SELLERS tab,,, and if its too good to be true then its a SCAM !!

  9. Bigjon2

    Bigjon2 Member

    I am aware of the page and posted there as well. PLEASE DO NOT RESPOND TO THIS THREAD ANYMORE!!!!! I am trying to respect other sellers, but just wanted to watch out for a lot of the new members that could have gotten scammed. I posted here to increase views to warn.
    Last edited: Feb 14, 2022
  10. J.N.L

    J.N.L New Member

    Thank you sir