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Voc Rehab Business Plan Help Needed.

Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by Deadwalker, Mar 14, 2022.

  1. Deadwalker

    Deadwalker New Member

    Looking for help from anyone that has to create a business plan for VA voc rehab?
  2. Terry Bennett

    Terry Bennett Well-Known Member

    I would suggest you contact some of the schools in the training section, they should have experience dealing with va requirements.
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  3. Deadwalker

    Deadwalker New Member

    I plan on working with the school for va funding and payments, however the va requires a business plan prior to approving the school that’s what I was hoping to get help with from some people that had done that.
  4. I dont think a business plan from another area would work for your area. On the other hand if you are willing to move to Texas I see studios in Texas needing help. Dont know how tht will work for you but those studios are very well established.
  5. If you are still eligible for the GI Bill, use that to take small business courses locally and develop your business plan there. Then if you have any extra GI Bill funds remaining, use the to go to taxidermy school, plenty of schools that take va funding, they also help you develop a business plan directly related to the taxidermy business.
  6. msestak

    msestak Well-Known Member

    check your local college or county executives office maybe a state rep.
    around here we have a local college that helps people set up small business and write business plans.