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Thawing Frozen Roadkill

Discussion in 'Beginners' started by Lewis N, Apr 24, 2022.

  1. Lewis N

    Lewis N New Member

    Hello I have got some frozen squirrels and a fox put in freezer to practice on and was hoping someone could please tell me the best way to thaw as last time I thawed a rabbit in the fridge its stomach area was stinky and the skin in that area went a smelly green . Did I defrost too long in fridge? Would the pelt have been still ok? Despite the green area? Any help please would be much appreciated.
  2. joeym

    joeym Old Murphey

    If these animals have been on the roadway over an hour in the hot sun, they become “green bellied “ fast. Squirrels are more forgiving that rabbits. I’d lay them out on a towel for 6-8 hours in a cool room and skin away. If they are bad, it’s because they were bad when you received them, not from thawing.
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  3. Lewis N

    Lewis N New Member

  4. Lewis N

    Lewis N New Member

    Okay thanks for your reply I will try skinning them quicker in future
  5. Lewis N

    Lewis N New Member

    And thanks for the advice about the rabbit going bad before frozen
  6. WhiteRabbit87

    WhiteRabbit87 Member

    I have had great luck thawing whole animals in pickle. I believe it's Brian Hendricks that showed it on a YouTube video. What I do is mix up a pickle that I'd use before tanning, and just put the whole thing in there. It will leak blood and stuff, so this is what I keep as my "dirty pickle" . Skin it when it's thawed enough to move the legs, then put the hide in a fresh pickle. As long as you keep the pH low, I haven't found any issues using this same pickle for a long time even if it looks disgusting, since everything gets washed in the end.
    I rotate, dumping my dirty pickle and replacing it with what was the clean pickle when that gets dirty. Just watch the pH.
    Only works for what you can fit in the bucket but I mainly work on small animals and it's perfect. I haven't lost anything that way other than what might have already been iffy before I froze it.
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  7. Lewis N

    Lewis N New Member

    Thank you for that suggestion,it sounds like a great idea. I am only doing small items myself but think I left the rabbit defrosting too long and it ruined,had to throw it away. I will get another tub and give this a try out. Just gotta get more supplies now then I'm good to go. Really appreciate your help , thank you
  8. RunaFox

    RunaFox New Member

    Hi WhiteRabbit87,

    Could I defrost roadkill squirrels in alcohol for the same effect, or is it specifically in an acid pickle to get good results? One I picked up the other day had a smacked in skull and was very bloody, so would alcohol be enough to disolve that prior to skinning, or pickle better for blasting away the bacteria?

    Thank you.
  9. Lewis N

    Lewis N New Member

    Hi I'm not white rabbit sorry I'm a beginner myself