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Duck Heads And Eyes Lots

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by Psutaxi, Apr 24, 2022.

  1. Cleaning out drawer of misc stuff .
    what I have here these are seconds and firsts which will need probably 5 min epoxy work at most
    Open mouth hooded merganser heads 12 dollars I have 3
    Hooded merganser hen heads I have 5 for 8 bucks
    Closed mouth hooded Drake heads 8 dollars I have 9 of em
    Closed mouth harlequin Drake heads 8 bucks I have 12 and open mouth 11 dollars I have 17 of em
    I have 14 harlequin hens heads 8 bucks
    I have 1 DH01 mallard 9 bucks
    I have 1 dh51 9 bucks
    I have 2 DH02 9 bucks
    I have 1 dh24 for 9 bucks
    I have 2 barrows drake's 10 bucks
    9 ruddy drake heads 8 bucks
    Repro barnacles better than McKenzie's and any other suppliers . large and small .1 dollar each for small and 2 large I have a lot
    Ruffed grouse repro heads 8 dollars I have 14
    I'm sure I'll find more stuff and add to the list as I clean more
    Have quite a few glass eyes as well message me and I'll send pics and quantities of eyes
    Buyer pays shipping and has to at least buy 5 heads
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  2. Can supply pics upon request

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