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How I Install A Deer Septum , Fast And Easy

Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by 13 point, May 10, 2022.

  1. 13 point

    13 point Well-Known Member

    Thought I’d show how I add quality to my mounts by installing a septum . It’s fast and easy , great for commercial but with just a tad more time it would work in competition.

    I use a mini septum on most , they cost like $2.25 each , better then the $7.95 for the bigger ones .
    In first pic you will see all you need to do this , besides 5 min epoxy and a #60 scalpel. Ok now take your #60 blade and being careful cut down from top of nose bridge to bottom of jaw but only going half way thru the muzzle, then go to the other side and cut down the same way but not so it’s a straight cut , you want it to be a wedge fit . Also you don’t want to saw it as that takes materials away and it doesn’t fit back perfect now if you don’t know how a deers interior nose looks like get a few references or a nose cast .

    FAD6262D-8F65-4D24-83F6-51477B321AD4.jpeg A059804E-DB0E-4D0C-8008-F77257410B04.jpeg BEC13ADB-657F-4A19-B968-B83D4C437D37.jpeg 22634E49-DB36-4752-985E-776D2776BF13.jpeg I put black marker on what needs to be removed to help . Take your dremal tool and start removing the foam as the shape the nose will be , just remember to act like the septum isn’t there so you can go straight thru and grind up and around where the cartilage wing will be . Don’t worry bout making a mistake as you can put it back with apoxy sculpt .

    Really look at your references , once you have it close , go to the back at the cut and dremal that open a bit connecting to your nostrils.
    Bare with me as I can only post 10 pics at a time . FAD6262D-8F65-4D24-83F6-51477B321AD4.jpeg A059804E-DB0E-4D0C-8008-F77257410B04.jpeg BEC13ADB-657F-4A19-B968-B83D4C437D37.jpeg 22634E49-DB36-4752-985E-776D2776BF13.jpeg 8100A78B-1A87-45BB-AEF1-9EA4836EAC20.jpeg F466896F-9B79-4DCF-9D3D-8409EB1402D1.jpeg 02FECF49-8635-47DA-BA28-5E10325C4697.jpeg 5B05B0D5-F995-468F-8481-D73FCF21AA86.jpeg CFF643D1-D316-49AB-BB35-8C651A338176.jpeg 02E775EF-1FE5-4402-8363-3D2D1C6F012C.jpeg
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  2. 13 point

    13 point Well-Known Member

    Take a small file and keep sanding and detailing to get the shape you need 695E9D4A-706C-4C7A-8C57-0984BC9BC0D0.jpeg 412D76AC-76B3-498D-B6D5-2517DF38539F.jpeg 6866B07D-0FC4-4632-9A05-0E22ECA18BB7.jpeg 9EB54661-F596-4ADE-B0F7-EE7EBF253529.jpeg E9C4E0C2-4CAB-4FE0-847A-EC86494F104D.jpeg 66E9C50C-B069-45A5-B3EB-4A171C19AEEE.jpeg 695E9D4A-706C-4C7A-8C57-0984BC9BC0D0.jpeg 412D76AC-76B3-498D-B6D5-2517DF38539F.jpeg 6866B07D-0FC4-4632-9A05-0E22ECA18BB7.jpeg 9EB54661-F596-4ADE-B0F7-EE7EBF253529.jpeg E9C4E0C2-4CAB-4FE0-847A-EC86494F104D.jpeg 66E9C50C-B069-45A5-B3EB-4A171C19AEEE.jpeg 410D7154-999F-4F16-863D-43BC0DCE798D.jpeg 701A494F-72DD-4B25-935C-556C5F7F9194.jpeg A08118C7-0914-4887-B9DD-4801BF7D7DB7.jpeg 07A6869A-0E39-40C5-AF46-6A97F664A6C6.jpeg
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  3. 13 point

    13 point Well-Known Member

    Now take the septum and test fit it , make sure it slides in a grove kinda thing center of the nostrils 0DC692D5-EA82-4FFD-9280-3120F67C0CC7.jpeg 251E3453-2205-4563-906F-D09784D5098A.jpeg F6573181-92DD-4AE0-9BDC-EC165CD766D3.jpeg 617986AE-EE9D-4699-ADF1-2B23E794AA1F.jpeg after you like the fit , mix up some apoxy sculpt , marble size of each . Roll a line out to cover edge of septum and push it into grove and go to back and put some on each side to hold in place 0DC692D5-EA82-4FFD-9280-3120F67C0CC7.jpeg 251E3453-2205-4563-906F-D09784D5098A.jpeg F6573181-92DD-4AE0-9BDC-EC165CD766D3.jpeg 617986AE-EE9D-4699-ADF1-2B23E794AA1F.jpeg 98CC6426-DBA1-410C-9057-CB03EA9683BD.jpeg E79CBC82-6269-4D3A-8DEB-18D56D8C6CB5.jpeg 6C615AF1-8980-40BE-9927-7EFF42B187AC.jpeg 8FBE2E5E-48E3-4B12-BF6E-8F82A987342C.jpeg 5076B853-F1C6-444F-837C-D665F2DBC33B.jpeg 78DB0113-6199-4641-82B8-E1D413CBEF5F.jpeg
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  4. 13 point

    13 point Well-Known Member

    Ok now take you favorite blending tool and safety solvent with brush and reach in an smooth the apoxy sculpt out , blending it back out , kinda covering all the exposed foam thinly. Again using your reference, then lastly take a little ball of A. S. And put it in where cartilage lobe would be and blend it back to edge, this will also not let you see the back of septum CD69F19C-E88D-45A3-9930-6876B5B6FFA9.jpeg 03344350-CAEE-44E0-A35B-94F87BA23982.jpeg D7826A6C-5D44-4980-881F-B2EF0A504049.jpeg CAA5882D-1D5B-43D2-B198-853B43815370.jpeg 9D0AE45D-F3F0-4428-A13D-4135B23B6741.jpeg 82E6C91A-E1D2-43AB-B2EE-32DDD8DD074C.jpeg 15D058EE-09EC-4C0E-B715-E6FBB5EAB0F1.jpeg 77D0E7E9-E9B1-4A75-826B-20D0366880D5.jpeg 44CACE0B-B762-41D2-8B76-52F3E025868C.jpeg A97D4244-BFC3-4ED8-8E4D-A79A0DBA94D1.jpeg
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  5. 13 point

    13 point Well-Known Member

    Ok your basically done just make sure both sides a equal and symmetrical. Hold up to form and mark then dremal out for septum. Take 5 min epoxy and glue on both nose and form with a skim coat of glue . You will notice the black line around the lip tuck area , do not get glue in that area as it will impede with tucking your lips . Hold in place till it kicks and your done . Let apoxy sculpt harden before mounting your deer . Test fit you nose skin , cut as needed , then hide paste tuck and stuff with paper towels, next day , adjust again and you have a great nose , easy to finish. Let me say this . It takes me 20 mins to do this that’s it . Once you have it down, it is very simple and hardly any finish work. Hope it works for you all as it does for me ED1F3FBC-ED49-417B-AB58-973C621830D7.jpeg 67FCA7E4-7EAB-48CC-ADB7-AEC7E2AF8929.jpeg BA5046C1-FB37-4A64-AE43-4515BC812CC7.jpeg 020DA370-0DAF-44C9-BBC7-6CBDC394E9D4.jpeg 55407B84-7DDA-4168-AD15-AA253818DB90.jpeg C70DFE56-CF46-45F8-90B0-762CFBE5A5A3.jpeg 4EEF6088-0A93-4183-8E55-DEF18253DCF0.jpeg 6B09F3F4-8EF1-4F55-9660-FBDAA63449F3.jpeg A7A70B2F-E1DE-4515-9229-334487FC7AB5.jpeg 38844949-6772-4C60-AEC6-3DF7DEB722A6.jpeg
  6. 13 point

    13 point Well-Known Member

    Here is a couple other deer done the same way 6A79A6E9-E1D4-4841-B533-DD01ED0F1B79.jpeg 6249406C-677F-41C3-BF2A-2ECC6691EB32.jpeg 567DBF62-9ED6-4771-9E5D-B87ABCD317EA.jpeg 5E0DD53E-0BDA-4046-BB48-A39C3D65792E.jpeg 80856C03-41C5-4570-B9D3-3DBCBB36FC29.jpeg
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  7. Jean M

    Jean M Active Member

    Great demo.
    I will try this on my next deer.

    2 questions:
    - 1. Any reason for not making the initial cut further back, where you wouldn't have to hollow out the back half before re-gluing? (Post #5) maybe would have just been too far reach in to hollow out.

    I suppose it's impossible to see that transition anyway.

    #2. Would you suggest pre- painting the septum and nostril interior before reassembly?

    13 point, you knew I needed this.
    Thank you,
  8. 13 point

    13 point Well-Known Member

    If you cut it back farther, you will have issues doing any work in the nose , trying to dremal and finish, and your 100% correct you cannot see it , so why make it hard on yourself.
    2 . You can paint it , and or even use flesh colored apoxy sculpt , but I found it really don’t matter much . If you trim your skin correctly and glue it up to the edge of the septum and around the cartilage lobe then your only airbrushing flesh color around the interior, after it dries your brushing it out of the inside hair then what I do is put a little water base flesh color in my modpodge and using a applicator flood the nose , when it drys it is fleshy and wet looking . But yes you can paint before if you like
  9. Jean M

    Jean M Active Member

    Again, the time you took to photo and post this demo is appreciated. And of course, Thanks for answering my questions too.
    Look forward to trying this out.
  10. Clew

    Clew Help a child, Build our future

    York, SC
    Nice write up 13 pt
    Would be handy for me but I have seven deer left to mount then I’m out of furry critter business
    Fish and ducks only for me
    I’m supposed to be retired
  11. Heath Cline

    Heath Cline Well-Known Member

    Yes, this is the way they were intended to be installed.
    Someone asked about cutting it back farther so they didnt have to dremel the back part of the septum in the mannikin.
    The simplest way to fix that is test fit your septum in the nose. With what is sticking out the back, simply draw a line on the septum and cut the back part off. Install septum in the cut off foam nose and attach to the mannikin.
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