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Ouch, Mckenzie

Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by John C, May 25, 2022.

  1. I placed a large order on the 5/-9/22 at the World show. McKenzie billed my account that day. Not a problem. This morning McKenzie hit the account again for part of the order. Ouch double billed. I left a message and was called back in a couple hours.

    They admitted they made a mistake. But will not credit the account back, will just rectify it when the rest of the order ships.

    Just makes me wonder how financially sound the company is.

    They did say they will ship at no charge due to their mistake.
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  2. Ron B

    Ron B Life Sucks.....Then comes the death roll!!!!

    I placed an order back in February. Got part of it, then about six weeks got some more of it. Finally got through on the phone a couple weeks ago and just cancelled the rest. I have never bitched or complained, especially publicly but I have a business and a reputation to run so sadly I just have to say I am done until things get straightened out. I am telling my customers that if the supplier that I use now doesn't have what they want it ain't getting mounted here! In fact, I have already bought about 90% of next years forms because I dont know if anybody is going to have them next year...and I know they will never be cheaper than they are now!
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  3. 13 point

    13 point Well-Known Member

    I had the same issues as they may ship certain things from different warehouses and that’s how they kinda keep track of what is shipped from where . I am surprised the took all the money out of your account before they shipped tho . I’m sure it will be fine. And all will work out .
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  4. Jerry Huffaker

    Jerry Huffaker Well-Known Member

    Mckenzie is a mess right now, I hope they can get their act together very soon.
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  5. BowDeadly

    BowDeadly "LIFE IS GREAT" It's better with a bow

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  6. My better half watches the account like a hawk. Last week (Tuesday) she asked me if i placed a small order at McKenzie. No was my reply and why. She said they debited the account for 21 dollars and some change. No email , message or call they were doing this.
    I called left a message about 2 hours later they did return my call. Anyways the lady could see the charge but no idea why. She said she would have to do some research and call me back. Wellllll Monday starts a new week and haven't heard another word from them.
    We thought maybe some shipping charge error but that's wasn't the case neither.
    It's only 21 bucks, but no matter it's my $$$. It just as easily could have been 200. Or 2000. I see it as pure stealing.
    Tomorrow we will cancel that debit card and no longer will I ever give it to them again. Cod or else wheres me.
    To many other companies that actually want my business and care about theirs. To put up with this crap. Not to mention they don't have a number to call anymore for billing issues, damages, missing crap, lost boxes, poor poor poor customer service indeed.
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  7. 13 point

    13 point Well-Known Member

    My problem is there form fit our deer great , I like the look of the mount, I can’t get the same look on some one else’s forms

    Let me add , I do a lot of Japanese Sika deer , there is not to many companies , correctly putting there forms out . I sent sika deer frozen solid to Dennis Behn of McKenzie, for him to sculpt our Md sika deer form the correct way size wise and such . So again they have the only forms I can use , until I get my line going .
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  8. I’m 20 miles from McKenzies PA distribution center. I save thousands on shipping so buy 95% of my supplies from them. My question is are the other suppliers having as much trouble as McKenzie? They are definitely the most expensive. I’m thinking the savings in cost might offset the price of shipping. Either way I have to do something.
  9. Museum Man

    Museum Man Well-Known Member

    How is it for the people going directly to Mckenzie to pick up their supplies? When you show up at the warehouse do you have to wait long or is everything organized?
  10. Usually you’re the only one there. Sometimes there’s one person ahead of you. You’re in and out. The warehouse is really empty now. One fella told me everything that comes to them from NC goes right out to waiting taxidermists.
    The place used to be full of forms.

    I called Matuska and Headquarters this week. They said it’s several weeks til they get your order out. Maybe it’s the new normal!
  11. 13 point

    13 point Well-Known Member

    Mine was all pulled and set in a pile , ready for me . They do ask when your picking up tho .
  12. Tanglewood Taxidermy

    Tanglewood Taxidermy Well-Known Member

    Research Mannikins also way behind. I placed an order that normally would have taken 2 days to get to me, took over a week. The '20s are filled with new normals with more to come.
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  13. Keith

    Keith Well-Known Member

    2 months now on 3 bison shoulder forms and a whitetail shoulder form.
  14. Brianjax

    Brianjax Member

    Recently ordered a few whitetail forms from Ohio Taxidermy Supply and received them in less than a week, check them out.
    Shipping was reasonable also.
  15. msestak

    msestak Well-Known Member

    they will keep doing this as long as we keep buying from them. shop elsewhere
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  16. Update.
    They shipped the fox charging me for the fox, but not shipping on the fox.
    I explained the order was paid everything but the shipping at the world show.
    Of course the old saying goes never fail to get a receipt (I did not get a receipt as they were to email me a receipt) Never was I mailed a receipt nor order form plus it does not show up on the online account.

    The other two items have been shipped. On a receipt the did email. I was charged $200.99 for shipping on the emailed receipt. Yes I expected this amount.

    I did call and my call was returned within about two hours.

    McKenzie only actually charged 118.58 for shipping.

    Ok so here is the total before shipping.
    1,819.32 total lion, fox, wolf forms
    105.73 extra fox charge
    1925.05 total less shipping
    118.58 shipping
    2043.63 total including shipping

    206.25 shipping on receipt
    2025.57 total including shipping

    so yea even with Mckenzie fuzzy math I paid for the fox twice.
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  17. msestak

    msestak Well-Known Member

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  18. Ron B

    Ron B Life Sucks.....Then comes the death roll!!!!

    Speaking of "ouch"...I finally got through and ordered a big bag of McKenzie hangers, and two artificial driftwood wall pieces...$107 shipping! Came in a standard size box that forms would come in.
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  19. Denton Shearin

    Denton Shearin 2009-Breakthrough Award, McKenzie Award,

    A few months ago, we placed a big order with McKenzie and it took about 4 weeks for it to ship.
    This past month, we placed a big order ( 30 deer head forms, a few life-size, some habitat, etc) and it shipped in less than 2 weeks.
    We always ship by truck, very reasonable, this last order shipping was less than $300.

    Looks like things are improving there.
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  20. I was going to post about this problem, but found this topic. So, what happened to McKenzie??? Did they sell out, or what? Never had problems getting forms like this with them. Order 8 forms, 2 are in Texas, other 6 have to be made and shipped in Utah??? So what happened?
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