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Frozen Or Isopropyl Fetal Specimens Wanted

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by kaekanna, Jul 17, 2022.

  1. kaekanna

    kaekanna New Member

    ISO fetal or juvenile animals under 6 inches long, frozen or soaked in isopropyl or ethyl alcohol (no formalin) to preserve before transport. It would be best if they were already skinned and gutted but with the bones and muscles intact in one piece, but whole specimens are fine too. These specimens will be used for diaphonization. Bulk amounts of smaller specimens are preferred over a couple larger animals. Willing to pay more for early development fetal goats/sheep/deer, domestic puppies, kittens, or opossum joeys.
  2. hi I have baby beaver, chipmunks, moles, and a few other items in that 6" or less size. call 507-869-3877 or email