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Cleaning Out The Freezer: Capes For Sale

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by Chancey Ray Watson, Jul 18, 2022.

  1. All Capes sold as is, they are tanned professionally and frozen. Cape quality is all across the board-Please read each description individually. Buyer pays shipping along with payment in full prior to shipping.

    • 0279-Head and minimal neck skin~better off as parts~or Old school head mount~OBO~
    • 6222- Head only~bottom lip split~Parts only~OBO~SOLD
    • 0642- Head only~11.5 eye to nose~ parts only~OBO~SOLD
    • 5267-Shoulder~11x44x20 roughly~

    • 6229-11 3/4 x 30 ~slight bald spot on shoulder could be cut out ~$300
    • 6225-11 1/2 x 31~ cape is Swiss cheese from tannery or skinner~ 3 1/2 x 1 1/2 hole is the largest hole most are the size of a quarter. see pictures below.~$250
    • 0036- 11 x 25~ nice cape~ shoulder~$300
    • 5304- 11 1/2 x 27" shoulder~ $300~SOLD


    • 0045- 18.5"
    • 0689- 17.5" SOLD
    • 0960- 18.5"
    • 0063-17.5"
    • 0628- 17.5"
    • 0688- 18.5"
    • 1780-18"

    Mule Deer:
    • 5536- 18" neck~ 2"x2.5" hole in neck~tube skinned~$150
    • 6223- 18" neck~$150
    • 5260- 18.5" neck~ split ear~front legs on cape~$150
    • 6230- 19" neck~ ear split about 3.5" long ~$150
    • 0624- 19" neck~ $200
    • 0922- 18" neck ~short hair~ $200 SOLD
    • 0015- 18" neck~ $200
    • 6224- 19" neck~ one ear split ~$200

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    Last edited: Sep 22, 2022
  2. Dylan Ehrlich

    Dylan Ehrlich New Member

    Any of the mule deer early season?

  3. meathunter53

    meathunter53 New Member

    Hi, im interested in the 11 1/2 x 27 elk. Not sure which picture it is? Where was in from?
  4. This is it prior to hydration and freezing. I’m not certain where the bull originated I received the hide already tanned.

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  5. meathunter53

    meathunter53 New Member

    Mounted picture of the elk cape you sent me. IMG-1450.jpg
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  6. DawnHannah

    DawnHannah New Member

    Do you still have 1780
  7. Yes we do! Buyer pay shipping which is usually around 75 on a single deer cape, that includes an insulated box and overnight shipping. We won’t ship on a Saturday because of no mail delivery most everywhere on sundays, however figuratively it will go out the following Monday. We accept PayPal and Venmo for payment and invoice must be paid in full prior to shipping. Let us know if you want it sent out tomorrow!!
    Last edited: Sep 7, 2022
  8. wasatchridge

    wasatchridge Member

    Can you send pic is 922 if it is still available. And if that is the closet it a early archery or muzzle loader cape you have .
  9. I can thaw the cape and send you a picture if you’d like- however it’s currently frozen. It is a very nice early cape though yes.
  10. wasatchridge

    wasatchridge Member

    I know that is a pain but sure would love if you could have a client that lost a archery cape but we can’t seem to find one to work and am hoping yours will work for him.

    Wasatch Ridge Taxidermy
  11. I completely understand I’ll take it out tomorrow.