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Polar Bear Rug

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by Independent, Sep 15, 2022.

  1. Independent

    Independent New Member

    I have an old polar bear rug that was gifted to me by a local hunter. He told me he took the bear in 1967 while working on a remote oil rig.
    Story goes it was in their camp and hung out for a long time and wouldn’t leave. He said he called fish and game and they told him it would be at least two days before they could get to him to resolve it. He explained he couldn’t wait two days and his employees refused to leave their quarters with the bear in camp. Fish and game gave him the go ahead to shoot the bear.

    I do not have any paperwork but would be to provide the man’s name to the buyer.
    Am I legally able to sell a bear that is clearly quite old?

    missing one claw.
    Has a tear in one side that is not visible when displayed. No hair loss or shedding. Presents very well but is clearly older.

    What is this thing worth? I truly don’t know but I do not have the space for it any longer. I must sell it.
    Call or text (303)913-8116
    Thank you

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  2. TaxTheDeadLover

    TaxTheDeadLover Member

    It's price "worth" varies per person but looking online at other polar bear real rugs like this I estimate ~$8000 - 9,500 for that bear. Of course, finding a buyer that has and is willing to pay that much is a different story. Hope that helps! :)

  3. Independent

    Independent New Member

    Sounds good. Thank you for the information! Is not having papers a problem for this rug?
  4. TaxTheDeadLover

    TaxTheDeadLover Member

    If the polar bear is a "pre-act", meaning before 1972 then you can sell it. So, you will need to have some sort of proof the bear is before 1972. A picture dated back before 1972 might work, although I'm not no expert
  5. Independent

    Independent New Member

    Thank you. Is there anyone else who can shed light on both value and legality of sale?
  6. Sea Wolf

    Sea Wolf Well-Known Member

    If you have some sort of documentation, yes you can sell it. If nothing else, you need a signed and notarized letter of sale to you from the hunter stating that he killed the bear and when. You can not sell the skin to anyone not a resident of your state, nor can you ship it out of the state that it is in. If you sell it, you need to be able to see a license or other ID from the buyer. You will also need to give the original letter of sale to them as that needs to stay with the hide.

    As for worth .. There appears to be quite a bit of insect damage to the head. All those divots in the fur are probably caused by moths or dermestids. If the hide is tearing, that is because of grease burn or rot and it is common with older bears that were not tanned properly. A good hide will not rip and the deterioration of the skin is progressive. 8 to 9 grand for it is really pushing it and you would be more likely to get $2000 for it. Your buyers will be limited as it can not leave the state or be shipped out legally. You really should take a serious look see through the fur and look for signs of insects. If the hide has been in one spot for a long time, look on the floor under it for anything that looks like brownish dust or small, brown, shed skins. Dermestids will also leave these behind in the fur as the larva molt and grow. If you do find them in the skin, you have a much bigger problem than trying to sell the hide as those beetles will now be throughout the house.
  7. Independent

    Independent New Member

    Thank you for that information! I do not believe there is any insects on the hide but I will look closely. I could be mistaken but I believe the tear came from the rug being folded for storage. Thanks again.
  8. Independent

    Independent New Member

    Thank you to everyone for the information. The rug is no longer available.