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[resolved] Help With Deer?

Discussion in 'Beginners' started by Crepuscular Creature, Sep 21, 2022.

  1. msestak

    msestak Well-Known Member

    when i started i actually learned with the eyes-rite mannikins from reinhart, good or bad, it was a place to start so i could concentrate on other anatomical features then move on to the eyes. those mannikins also had a brain ridge molded in which needed to be modified but it was also a help in setting the antlers as long as you took the proper measurements first.
  2. Penczak

    Penczak Active Member

    Common sense will tell most people, you need to take a paddle bit and set the eyes back a little . Come on man...
    I've seen Mike Simpson and Carl Williams mount 10-15 deer a day on those Rheinhart manakins with the eyes in them. That was in 85 or 86
    They were pretty shotty looking. But, they were East Texas deer so not any real special ones any way.
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  3. That's a kid for fuc ks sake . This poster is obviously new and has seen a few posts out there and doesn't understand the craftsmanship part of taxidermy the assembly . With taxidermy you need craftsmanship first ,(how to put it together and have it be solid and stable) then anatomy ( how the muscles and skeleton works and flows . ) Then the finer parts, grooming washing detail work painting working with different mediums .
    Everybody has their first day on the job . Hopefully that guy doesn't have children or if he does they are with his ex wife and have someone that's not a douchebag as a teacher and role model. Taxidermy is a hard thing to get a hang of at first . Your supposed to be in the right area to get advice and with "professionals".
    Best advice is to watch a few videos then maybe pay someone that's decent just to watch or get a hand of guidance of mounting a deer in their shop. That way if you got a problem area they can look over and see what the trouble is and how to manuver .
    With your ears ,typically you'll want to remove the ear cartilage before inserting into the ear skin . That's a next level move not great for a newbie. Start off with Bondo ears to get a feel for things . If you do lots of oddball work in the future like giraffe,ringtail cat , dogs among others you'll need to learn that because you won't have earliners for all species . You'll want some references on. Deer ears yours are weak ,the butt area. I get what they are trying to do ,the method I see your attempting, most people cut the ear off and freeze the clay then insert once froze into the skin.
    Hunting season is here in most places ,get out there or get a buddy to get a fresh kill. Take many measurements all over ,they sell measurements sheets through some suppliers. Then when you skin it out you'll see muscles and how they move and look underneath and you'll almost replicate all that you see,send the cape out to get tanned then go to a catalog and find the closest form and go from there . do the whole process from a to z to get a feel if your up to this craft. Plus you'll have total control and learn more along the way. The pose your attempting is a little tough to begin with.
    Don't get discouraged there's a lot of faggots on this website but there are also a lot of people that have no problem helping .
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  4. msestak

    msestak Well-Known Member

    doesnt matter one bit if the poster is a kid or an adult we are here to help. no such thing as a silly question away, if we can help, we will.

    go slow, get some reference and videos, study and learn then do some work. become a member in your states taxidermy association and go to the state competition. the seminars are free and full of excellent advice from champions. some of which will actually look at your mount AFTER the judging and go over everything in detail if they have the time.

    dont give up, we were all there in the beginning.