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Whitetail Capes For Sale

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by Lonewolf_8126, Sep 25, 2022.

  1. 17.jpg 44.jpg 50.jpg 2.jpg

    All hides were tanned by the Wildlife Gallery.
    I'm asking $100 each and I'll cover shipping.

    #17: 7x12x14 w/ short incision. Small hole in brisket, easily repairable. PA archery buck

    #44: 7x13x15 w/ short incision. Long hair PA archery buck.

    #50: 7x13/15 w Long incision, small sew able hole in throat

    #24: 7x16x18 w/ short incision, repairable slice in nose, late October PA archery buck. There are a few more areas with repairable cuts from skinning.
    17.jpg 44.jpg 50.jpg 2.jpg
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  2. Rob43

    Rob43 Active Member

    Never had much luck with dry tanned capes. I could never get them rehydrated enough to make a good mount out of them.

  3. I rehydrate them in 5 gallons of water, with one pound of salt per gallon of water. Soak 12-15 hours…then I squeeze them out and let them hang and drip for an hour. Then I roll them up, put them in a plastic shopping bag and put them in the refrigerator to sweat for 12 hours. They come out completely rehydrated and perfectly pliable. They mount up really well.
  4. Rob43

    Rob43 Active Member

    Awesome. Thank you