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Wildlife Gallery Reviews

Discussion in 'Tanning' started by Ryan Schmitz, Sep 28, 2022.

  1. Ryan Schmitz

    Ryan Schmitz New Member

    Our taxidermy shop is looking at trying wildlife gallery with our bear, elk, miscellaneous North American species and exotics. We like our current tannery but the year wait time has us searching. We had never heard of a “synthetic” tan, is it different?

    How’s the stretch? Typical turnaround time? Quality, holes? Bald spots?

    Any information is appreciated.
    Thank you!
  2. Gray Ghost Safaris

    Gray Ghost Safaris Hunting Consultant

    I used Wildlife Gallery in Blanchard, MI. First and last time. Wait was well past a year, cost was upper end of tanning and the flat skins were rough, raw edges and quite stiff. The capes were not well fleshed and they cut multiple holes in several skins/capes, including a dime and nickel size holes in front of my Sambar deer's left eye. Never again. I've had good luck with their Leslie, MI tannery (used to be Modern Fur Dressing).
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  3. joeym

    joeym Old Murphey

    I’ve been satisfied with all skins sent to Leslie MI. Turnaround is about 5 months unless the 60 day option is chosen.
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  4. 13 point

    13 point Well-Known Member

    I have had no issue with them
  5. Doug

    Doug Active Member

    I got this bear back from the wildlife gallery. I power washed this big beautiful bear. It had zero fat on it after I was done, no need to flesh this bear and not 1 hair was coming through the flesh side. I have been fleshing bears for 22 years, I take pride in making zero holes and proper fleshing. This is the product I got back from the wildlife gallery. Over 30 fleshing holes, hair coming through the skin, greasy , dirty bear. Asked if they could reimburse me... nope... paid full price. Over 30 fleshing holes that are too thin to sew up as is. This is 1 example, I have a freezer full of animals now for customers that have major issues. Normally I dont complain, I feel people should know what product they are going to get from a tannery. 20221005_112320.jpg 20221005_112259.jpg 20221005_112242.jpg
  6. Was that from the Leslie facility and wet tanned? I've had hair coming through the skin side to but not that much. Anybody know why it comes back through the skin side.
  7. Robert Baker

    Robert Baker Well-Known Member

    Ouch! In my limited experience hair comes back through the skin side when the skin is shaved too thin. I've done it several times myself.

  8. Frank E. Kotula

    Frank E. Kotula master, judge, instructor

    I’ll say in defense of any tannery that bears can be a bitch to shave as even the most experienced will have hair follicles cut . Reason is trying to make sure we get the grease out and sorry it happens. Yes they even cut holes in them too. If those of us that don’t tan bears should try them and you’ll begin to understand what tanneries go through with them. Shit happens and when you try and do it just wait till you see what you might end up with lol been there done that and still going on. Lol
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  9. Pro

    Pro Member

    I only use the Leslie tannery, the alum tan
    I hook up with their semi for pickup and delivery which save me thousands on shipping
    Global studio for 44 yrs and I have tried every professional tannery out there and the alum tan is the best in my opinion and I have had them tan just about every game animal on the planet multiple times
    Yes, s*** happens but you just must improvise
  10. Penczak

    Penczak Active Member

    I miss Carolina Fur Dressers.
  11. Shaved way too thin, piercing the skin follicle that holds the hair in place. That was not done by an experienced shaver. That had to be done by someone that was just trained, they turned them loose on your bear. Bear can be difficult, but that is a horrible job. I used the Wildlife Gallery long ago, and they did great on all the stuff I sent to them. That was before covid, before lack of employees, before supply shortages. I assume they go through employees fairly quick these days. Bears can be tough, but that there is a horrible !#$!#!$ job!
  12. Shit should not happen like that, not that terrible! And if that was an experienced shaver he must have showed up to work drunk as @#$#! My daughter could shave that bear better than whoever did that!
  13. In your defense Doug, that is a total trash job, and I don't give a damn who's feet I'm stepping on saying that! Wildlife Gallery should absolutely be responsible and reimburse you money for that crappy shaved skin! There is no way in hell that was done by an experienced shaver, and like I said to Frank, if it was, he must have arrived to work drunk! Nobody can eggshell walk on that terrible tan job! I'm shaking my head though, because it's shocking that this came from the Wildlife Gallery! My god what is this industry coming too!
  14. Frank E. Kotula

    Frank E. Kotula master, judge, instructor

    Guys like I said feel free to do this yourself and you’ll understand what happens. There’s more to bears that many don’t understand. Have I seen this when I didn’t tan? Yep? Did I have quarter size holes? Yep.
    Been tanning well over 20 after I was taught the steps and unlike deer bear are way different in skin thickness etc etc and yes we get close to the follicle. You don’t see this till it gets tumbled and that’s where you’ll see this happening and you never even thought you were to deep. Yes tanneries do mess up and it’s a reason why I got into tanning my bears. I did everything but bears but when I got a bear back that the cuts were 12-16” long , that’s when you know a tannery messed up. Try them you’ll enjoy it.