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Knives For De-meating

Discussion in 'Skulls and Skeletons' started by Dustyisland, Sep 29, 2022.

  1. Dustyisland

    Dustyisland New Member

    Hello folks,

    For those of you that do a lot of euros, what knife do you use for skinning and de-meating the head before processing?

    I've used some cheap kitchen knives, filet knives, paring knives, carbon steel, etc. Right now I'm using a cheap Victorinox that works ok. It's a soft enough steel that it sharpens easy. But every knife I've ever used has to be sharpened between each head, if not more, just from all the bone and teeth it comes into contact with.

    Just curious if anyone has a go-to knife that they love.
  2. Tnrandy

    Tnrandy Active Member

    We've used all the above except for the Victorinox...my go to would be just a basic plastic scalpel handle with good quality #22 blades. I usually can skin several before replacing the blades.

  3. Dustyisland

    Dustyisland New Member

    I've used those knives too; they're great for skinning! I don't like to use them for cutting meat though, they're just too brittle. I've broken too many blades cutting out eyes and jaws and such. It's also not particularly cost effective since I do hundreds of skulls a year.
  4. Tnrandy

    Tnrandy Active Member

    For the eyes I normally use a 6" filet knife or paring knife. Jaw is simple cut up the line and pop off the jaw, not much cutting.
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  5. Sea Wolf

    Sea Wolf Well-Known Member

    Ditto on the fillet knife. I have some good steak knives, some small bladed folding knives and a Gator knife that I use. Different sized blades. The sharper the blade, the faster the job. I have a Chef's Choice knife sharpener that puts a razor edge on the blades. Skin gets removed with knives and Vice Grip pliers many times. If the hide is dried out some, I tie the skull with rope around the base of the antlers and tie it to a beam. I can now pull on the hide with the pliers while cutting it free with a knife.
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  6. joeym

    joeym Old Murphey

    We use #22 Carbon Steel Havel's Scalpel blades for everything. My guys prep 2-3 skulls per hour. No downtime in sharpening blades. Generally one blade per skull. Buy only good named blades. The cheap Asian blades are not as sharp, and will snap in a second.
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