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Deer Wet Tan Service

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by wrightwaytaxi, Oct 5, 2022.

  1. I wet tan deer capes only, so if you are looking for a quick turn around service, that is me. Tanning deer capes is all I tan.

    What you get with my service:
    You send your deer capes frozen, and when they arrive to my shop. I unthaw, and I tag each cape, with a plastic numbered tractor trailer seal. Once hide is thawed, I flesh any meat or membrane left on hide, I turn ears out all the way to the tips, I turn everything, and get the hides super clean from any meat or membrane. Capes get salted heavy, I like to salt them to where they are hard as a rock, to lock hair in. I then rehydrate cape, to get it ready for the pickle, the hide stays in the pickle for a few days, then i shave the plumped skin very smooth and thin, and put back into the pickle for a few more days. I then move it onto the tan. Hides come out of tan smelling really nice, I tumble each hide, I use a blower, then I comb out hair, and I do a overall quality inspection to make sure everything looks great. Then I bag and freeze. I charge $100 plus you pay shipping here and back.

    If you are interested in fleshing your own hides, turning ears, splitting everything and salting dry and then sending them to me, I charge $75 to rehydrate, pickle, tan and groom, same as above, you just do all the fleshing, turning and salting.

    My turn around time will be no more then 3 months, could be less, based on the quantity you send.

    Give me a call anytime (816)629-4388 Make sure to leave a message

    My website has tons of info on it, packing slip, how to ship, prices, samples of my work, etc.

  2. Taylor Baker

    Taylor Baker New Member

    How do you rehydrate before the pickle? I am planning to tan my own capes, looking for the best methods.