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Western Wyoming Workshops

Discussion in 'Training' started by Brailee, Oct 12, 2022.

  1. Brailee

    Brailee New Member

    I am looking for any workshops, presentations, seminars, anything I can learn from! I am on the western border of Wyoming and just started my business. I'm willing to drive however far, I just can't find any workshops relatively close to me.
  2. First thing, I hope you didn't start your business, without those workshops, presentations, seminars. If you need to learn first, you definitely don't need to be starting out on customers trophies! Start a taxidermy business only once you've acquired the abilities, training, proper tools first. No customer is going to enjoy you learning on their animals they hunted! Learning here is a really good place to start, but there are schools all around. Get on google, search Taxidermy Schools near me. Then begin your search. There may be Taxidermy Schools in your neighboring states, that can house you or help you find lodging while going to their classes. Don't rush into business until you know the in's and out's. Also check with the laws in your state, whether or not you need a permit to run your business, etc. Do things right, don't be a fly by night taxidermist, don't spend time hacking up someone's trophy. I went to a taxidermy school in Kansas, and even fresh out of school I was not prepared, I jumped right into opening a business 15 years ago and it was rough. But I made it through it, but seriously take time to gain the right skillset! Here's a school that is in Montana, I looked it up for you. https://montanataxidermy.net/classschedule.html
    here's another it's in idaho http://www.artisticschooloftaxidermy.com/accommodations--meals.html
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  3. Brailee

    Brailee New Member

    Allow me to clarify.
    I have a beetle cleaning business that I've had for about a year now. I have done extensive research and have a taxidermy AND business license and am very familiar with the taxidermy laws in my state.

    I want to learn more than just European mounts which is why I made this post. The only mounts I've tried to do are my own trophies and I do not advertise doing shoulder mounts and have turned people down when asked if I can do them. I know that there is always stuff to learn and I appreciate your feedback. I just am having a hard time finding any seminars and workshops near me. I plan to go to the Idaho Artistic School of Taxidermy in the spring but was exploring other workshops or seminars that I could look into before then or after.

    Thank you.
  4. There are tons of great videos for sell, that can teach you how to mount a buck from start to finish. And if you have access to capes. You can order your supplies, and practically teach yourself. The one thing I think that a video can't teach you, is when you make mistakes, a teacher can point you in the right direction on how to troubleshoot and correct those mistakes. The teacher will also explain about reference, anatomy, alignment, there are so many things that a video can't teach. But those videos are a real good place to start. There are tons of videos on mounting deer on Youtube. There are also different methods to doing everything. Like bondo ears vs. ear liners. Every teacher is going to have their own method. But once you learn the basics, you will be able to watch videos from there and have a better understanding, and will be able to from there learn new methods that your teacher may have not taught you. Just like with tanning a hide, there are so many different products, so many different pickles, tans, etc. and everyone that tans has their own method in which they learned and in time created their own way of doing things. I've learned on here not to criticize anyone's methods, until you give them a try. Like when I first started tanning hides, I used Krowtann, it was what I was taught to use. And it worked well, it shaved well, Krowtann really goes against everything most people know about tanning. It has tons of chemicals, all mixed together, damn near takes your breath away when you pour it! But some how that Mad Scientist Concoction works, and works very well! But for a tanner like myself, it's just not practical nor cost effective for me to use. I've used many different tans, and each have their pro's and con's. The very best tip I can give you about learning taxidermy is this "Keep An Open Mind" Goodluck to you, I'm sure you will do excellent!
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