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What Tan Should I Go For? Lutan Vs Liqua

Discussion in 'Tanning' started by SolarDeer, Nov 5, 2022.

  1. SolarDeer

    SolarDeer Member

    I am located in the UK, I only have JHT Taxidermy store to buy from.
    The two brands I have access to are Liqua tan, And Lutan FN

    I was reading up on Lutan FN here through old threads and what I've found Is generally Is considered a very finicky and perhaps not the most forgiving method for my first ever tan? While effective... finicky!
    The Liqua tan looks like It would act like standard liquid "American" tans Salt/Pickle/Tan type method?

    I've read up on Lutan and It seems like Its commonly done along side an Alum pickle that means for one "batch" It would be £15 per animal, The Liquid tan Is £15 per bottle and I assume likely mixed with some parts water meaning It does many animals.

    Has anyone used the second product before?
  2. Frank E. Kotula

    Frank E. Kotula master, judge, instructor

    Yes and you never mix water with a rub on tan like liqua-tan or any other rub on tans.
    Liqua tan has been around for quite some time and produces an excellent tan as long as you follow directions.
    Skin, flesh, salt dry. Hydrate, pickle, shave, degrease if needed, pickle
    Neutralize, and rub in the tan, fold next day unfold wipe up any excess , as it dries pull all different ways till it’s dry or freeze till your ready to mount it. Make sure the hair side is dry as a oversoaked hide will end up with slippage

  3. SolarDeer

    SolarDeer Member


    Thank you! I couldn't find the actual bottles instructions so I figured it mixed partly with water.

    I'm mostly looking to do wall hangers, so perhaps this might be a more ideal method for myself as a beginner! The way you worded it people mount actual animals with it? I've never really seen rub-on tans being used for it, always liquid.

    I was originally going to buy the orange bottle tan but I've heard from friends the quality went bad within the last few years, so I bought some alum Intending on doing that type and then got told Its not the most ideal tan out there.
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  4. 13 point

    13 point Well-Known Member

    Pro 1 has to be the easiest out there , with great stretch
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  5. Frank E. Kotula

    Frank E. Kotula master, judge, instructor

    Liqua tan
    Tru-bond 1000b
    These 4 rub on tans are probably the best out there as they are called stable tans. Meaning little to no mixing.
    Now some of these tans are used with an oil afterwards to help in keeping the hide soft.
    Tans like the tru-bond B has oil mixed in it’s tan and it’s better for wall hangers as it’s designed for that.
    The other tans do need oiling after the tan.
  6. Longbow63

    Longbow63 New Member

    There's a difference between a submersion tan like Lutan F and a rub on tan like liqua tan. A submersion tan is always superior, but a rub on tan works for most taxidermy mounting needs. The only advantage of a rub on is time/less steps, otherwise a good submersion tan like lutan F is far superior.
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  7. SolarDeer

    SolarDeer Member

    Yeah I ended up buying Liqua tan, However now my buddies went a 180 and said "Your not bringing a fox pelt home" so I'm sitting here pondering for now. :(

    Yes.... foxes stink however If I were to flesh it when out at our hunting properly and instantly wash it during the re-hydration process I cant see stink being an issue.

    Looks like I'll need to do it there "traditional" way of boarding, salting and putting salt peter on it, and hope once I take it home It wont slip.

    My friend fails to realise he's dry preserving it, not tanning it back when he sold pelts in the 80s/90s the clothing company wanted them dry persevered so they could tan them afterwards.

    My alternative Is I may ask for a piece of deer hide, or even something as stupid as a deer leg for the dogs I just want a piece of hide to flesh, pickle and tan so I can at least test it out.
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  8. SolarDeer

    SolarDeer Member

    Success! I tanned a hare, no slippage throughout the entire thing besides a belly spot that got chaffed off.

    Think next time I get cash I'll buy a fleshing knife, make a DYI fleshing beam and start trying some deer.

    Probably keep it at my friends property, shoot, flesh, freeze (for ticks), collect it next time i'm over hunting again to take home (carpeted bedroom)
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