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wing webbing?????? help....

Discussion in 'Bird Taxidermy' started by done right taxidermy, Oct 18, 2006.

  1. done right taxidermy

    done right taxidermy New Member

    how do u pros make the webbing in the ducks wings look so natural? ive tried carding them but im having difficulty displaceing the feathers... what do u you guys and gals use?
  2. JonHarleTX

    JonHarleTX Ya'll hear that. George just signed in. Quick Hide

    I use caulking.. not a lot.. just enough to slightly squish around and fill the area.. Then by pinning the scaps in the correct possition will usually tighten the flight web.. Then using a stiff piece of paper (construction paper works well) I simply keep them flat and stable with the help of a few pins.

    The caulking helps to hold feathers inplace after grooming.

    Also, I usually only leave this carding on for maybe 2 days.. 3 if it's really humid outside. I do however, pull it off daily and make any readjustments and to make sure I'm not making in flat spots where I dont want them..


  3. wingman

    wingman Active Member

    Done right, Do as Jon says but also always remember to pin the leading edge of the flight web in position over top of where your wingbone enters the body Basically flush with the front of the bone Good luck
  4. the flight web can be tied in where wingman is suggesting from the inside.the flight web grows or is attached to the head of the humerous bone.when tied from the inside it will really help on holding it in place and also hold the skin square on the body when sewing.
  5. how do you tie it to the humeras bone, that sounds like a great way to get it line up to start with
  6. i wrap my wing wires to the bone with 4 ply cotton twine. this gives you something to tie to. i simply take a piece of waxed thread and make a small stitch where the web originates and tie that to the leading edge of the humerous bone.you can follow the web up the wing until you get near the scapular feathers.
  7. wingman

    wingman Active Member

    Tried the attachment method Mentioned above on a Surf scoter today worked good thanks for a new trick
  8. the great thing about this one is if you get your bird sown up and have made a mistake in location or something just doesnt line up right, a little tug on the stick and it will pull out.you can then do the normal pinning of the web.after a little trial and error, you can tie these in and will never go back to pinning. imo, anytime you place a pin in a bird, you are trapping skin.no way around it.glad you liked it.....
  9. daniel

    daniel New Member

    hi trophy bird,s sound,s pretty interesting the tying in the wing web i think i know what you mean would you mind going into a little more detail if possable are they attached to the wing wire at the end of the wing bone humerous i think it,s called ive tryed pinning but as mentioned earlier then the skin is stay put and not possable to move tying from the inside and being able to move the skin i think would be better a little extra info would be great thank,s again DANIEL :) :)