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A News Story On People Who Say They Paid To Have Pets Freeze Dried And Can't Get Them Back

Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by Matt Miller, Jan 13, 2023.

  1. Penczak

    Penczak Active Member


    Somebody wrote a story like this about me many years ago. I was having Turkey Shoots at my shop around Christmas.
    Well one weekend we had so many turkeys, to make room for them we removed some of the frozen animals from the freezer out back under a lean-to. This was suppose to be for just several hours.
    Well one of the animals was a little pet doggie. And we forgot to put him back in the freezer and he rotted by the next day.
    Well I done with what I do with all my spoiled animals. I threw him in the green dumpster.
    (Big mistake) As with your story the owner wanted the body back. They called the local TV trouble shooter on me and ran a story.
    Although in my case it was an honest mistake and I did give them the deposit money back. So the story was not as detremental to me as seen from a hunters eyes any way.
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  2. rigbobby

    rigbobby Active Member

    What about the customer that never picks up the mount after the taxidermist completes it?
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  3. Penczak

    Penczak Active Member

    That happens, you have to get that deposit.
    I had a lady pull up to my shop in a big Mercedes. My dog jumped on her door. She said, not to worry.
    Anyway her husband had a bear with me. She said he won't be picking it up. But she offered to pay for it. Said she did not want it. Well I had not mounted it yet. So I was happy with the deposit and the bear, no need to charge her more.
    She said her son shot and killed her husband.