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Bill and feet painting

Discussion in 'Bird Taxidermy' started by Jake Schmidt, Oct 19, 2006.

  1. Jake Schmidt

    Jake Schmidt Guest

    I am color blind and have a tough time with yellows. What is a good book that will tell and show me What colors to paint Bills And Feet. I can paint them no problem, Just need to know what colors so I can read my paint bottles. Thanks for any and all help. Racing Artic Cats up nort.Jake
  2. JonHarleTX

    JonHarleTX Ya'll hear that. George just signed in. Quick Hide

    breakthrough waterfowl finishing manual

    Ferbee waterfowl schedules, in 3 books, puddle, divers, sea ducks,.

    Hope this helps.

  3. Bills and Feet is also a good book. I found one on Ebay for $1.99!
  4. finazducks

    finazducks EJ is not the only one to have two Wasco Awards

    I have a new sries of DVD's with Puddle Ducks, Divers, South American, and Turkeys. The puddle ducks is ready. Most suppliers will be carrying them. Completion is late for current catalogues. Joe Kulis has them now. 440-232-8352