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Looking For Things

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by Ezauni, Mar 5, 2023.

  1. I'm looking for basically any kind of fox except red because I have enough of those I'm also looking for small mammals, ringtail cats, and baby animals. I'll maybe take some skulls depending on what it is.
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  2. Mcris991

    Mcris991 New Member

    I have a few different beautiful fox’s if you are still interested. Marble, arctic, a hybrid or two. I also have a bunch of skulls, including a few baby skulls. Let me know if you are interested and I will send some photos.
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  3. Have some nice lifesize silvers dry tanned cased split turned 250ea plus shipping best to call or text 610 308-1578 thanks
  4. Pennydog

    Pennydog Active Member

    caution here suspicious seller saloy is a scammer
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  5. Dave York

    Dave York Well-Known Member

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  6. Stoner

    Stoner Member

    i have a listing up for a coyote and fox pup pelt up for 350 each, mountable! i also have a HUGE amber platinum fox pelt mountable for 450

    annddd last but not least a beautiful marble fox head mounted selling for exactly what i have into it which is 510
  7. Mountain Ridge

    Mountain Ridge Member

    I have 3 small baby raccoons if you are still looking. 608-697-9014
  8. Hello hello, sorry just now seeing this! Do you think that you'll be willing to trade?
  9. Stoner

    Stoner Member

    for what?
  10. A soft mount..pelts or bones? Also willing to trade other art..I already have 146 $ but not the full 450$
  11. Stoner

    Stoner Member

    what soft mounts do you have?
  12. Foxes, rabbit and opossums..and I could buy some other skins to soft mount for you..and like I said before I'll put a 146$ because that's what I have at the moment
  13. Stoner

    Stoner Member

    let me see your foxes and maybe you’d do a payment plan if you want? just pay it off slowly
  14. Weekly monthly?
  15. Stoner

    Stoner Member

    send me a message on insta! @deadthiings

    or my number 3125157275