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Is It Legal To Buy European Birds?

Discussion in 'Bird Taxidermy' started by Alma Mayer, May 8, 2023.

  1. Alma Mayer

    Alma Mayer New Member

    Is anyone familiar with the legality of getting shipped european raptor (non north american) taxidermy to US/Canada? From what I can tell, most protection laws seem to apply only to native birds.
  2. CassowaryClaw

    CassowaryClaw New Member

    I would say no. All raptors, also our European ones, are CITES listed and from what I know it's difficult to import any non-domestic animal parts into the USA. Even if it can be done, expect a lot of waiting to get paperwork done and high extra fees.

  3. Sea Wolf

    Sea Wolf Well-Known Member

    Canada is very easy to work with as long as it is Canada to EU. Canada to the US and EU to the US is a no go. Canada will even allow you to keep found deceased raptors. In the USA you chance huge fines and loss of your business if you are caught with so much as a feather. The only exception is if you get permission to do a mount for an institution and you can not keep it once finished.
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  4. Russell94

    Russell94 New Member

    America sucks because the USFW are Nazis
  5. This is something a national taxidermy organization should be fighting for ,by piggy backing off lobbyist that are with the NRA and hunting organizations like sci . This is what would make me pay some dues to join a national organization of taxidermist. If I log on to a national website the last thing I should see is about competitions . The first thing I should see is stuff that would affect my business and my income . This could be a huge income and boost to the industry here. I can't tell you how many hawks I see along the highways dead in October to March every year .along with how many song birds hit in the summer and spring . The NRA holds a convention but that's the last thing I can find on their website . They are a group for its members and rights . In short to the original poster. I believe you won't be able to bring it in . But let's say you know a breeder in the USA and they have a non native bird like a harpy eagle or an African eagle. I believe you would be ok. But don't rely on me call the USFWS office .
  6. Russell94

    Russell94 New Member

    If any bird is not in the USA flyway and not CITES listed, you can import non native bird skins into the USA. I do it all the time from Europe, Russia and Africa, as well as Central and South America. The USA is the only country where the guestopo like USFWS does not allow salvage. But if you are a native american, rape and pillage wildlife at will.
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  7. The NTA started to decades ago. One of the board members in front of the lawyers said the NTA would spend the whole treasury and the lawyers screwed the NTA over.

    Its not exactly that way, I saw a card carrying tribe member get arrested over an eagle feather hanging from his rearview mirror.
  8. Russell94

    Russell94 New Member