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Taxidermying an alaskan King Crab

Discussion in 'Fish Taxidermy' started by michelle127, Sep 6, 2007.

  1. michelle127

    michelle127 Michelle and Ron Ream-Life Mbr - NRA,NAHC,DAV, VFW

    There was no area for crustacians so I am asking here. A friend of mine got an ak King Crab that his client wants mounted. ANYONE KNOW HOW YOU WOULD MOUNT A CRAB???????? PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!! My email is [email protected]
  2. Type in the search area taxi a crab and it will pull up a past post. I tried it with dungenus & it worked very well. (denatured alcohol ect.). Hope it helps you out.

  3. I have done Large Spider crabs and lobster with good success. basically taking apart the joints and cleaning out the meat with a looped wire. then soaking the parts in DA for a while. after that I epoxied them back together part by part.
  4. I have mounted crabs in Alaska for about 15 years. I developed a method of meat removal keeping the crab in tact without breaking the interjoint cartilage. There is no method to preserve the color of a shell for more than a few years. DA and formalin will continue to eat away the shell and joints for many years. Long story short, if interested drop me a line. I've been up here for a while and have mounted pretty much every type of crab down to 6,000 feet deep. I'm going to get back into full swing production this winter.
  5. Can you post some pictures of all these differant crabs you have done?
  6. Palin's King Crab

    Palin's King Crab

    Here is a pic of my most famous mount.

    Apparently, she likes it so much she displays it in her office.
  7. Wow! Excellent Job! Is that a red king and an opi or baradi?
  8. Just plowed through my files and cannot belive I do not have pics of old work. I have mounted a variety including C. Tanneri, C. angulatus, C. baridi and opilio and bairdi/opilio hybrids, P. verrili, P. multispina, L. cousei, P. platypus, red kings, brown kings, paralomis from antartica, dungies, Korean hair crabs, no clue near shore kelp crab, lyre crabs, deep sea spider crabs, an unidetified species, scaled crabs, fuzzy crabs, tunicates,
    wish I did take pics for a portfolio, will call a few folk and see if I can get them to send me pics of the work.